Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book humes!

I hope you are all well. I’m excited to share a couple of quotes from books I’ve enjoyed. This is such a fun way to share a part of myself. I know we all have parts in books that move us and get us riled up. Here are a couple for me. Since it’s the spooky time of year, I’ve picked them from some of the more chilling reads.

“What kind of person see cats disappear into walls? Or imagines that someone chopped off her hair? What kind of person hallucinates voices? A crazy person, that’s who?” (Tbe Haunted, Danielle Vega)

So GOOD! Vega is a master of teen horror. I cling to it like I do the Scream franchise. I love the tone of this because you can not only hear the fear but the feel it. It shakes you. it also reminds me a little of Supernatural. LOL.

“Crack your bones and eat the marrow, snap your spines like broken arrows.” (Black Bird of the Gallows, Meg Kassel)

Talk about creepy, eh? Still, a pretty good book that mystical and really touches that curious side. Plus, who doesn’t love and unnerving nursery rhyme!?

More to come soon…


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