Sharing is Caring Until It Gets You Committed (The Twin – A Book Review)

The Twin

Author: Natasha Preston

Published: 2020

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My Rating:

Rated S for sinister sisterhood and their inability to share.

“She has my life and she is loving every second of it.”

Split up from the divorce of their parents, Iris went to live with mom while Ivy chose to live with Dad. Years later, after mom dies, Ivy moves with them. That’s not the only things she’s moving into either. Slowly, it seems that she’s moving in on Ivy’s friends and boyfriend, turning them against her and also into her closet, taking whatever she wants. This reunion isn’t anything Ivy thought it would be and as she looks into mom’s mysterious death she discovers that Iris is hiding things. But, one thing she isn’t hiding is that she doesn’t want to just take Ivy’s place, she wants to be her.


Yeah. No. Nope. Not a winner. I’ve discovered Preston is one of those authors that has a legit 50% chance of me either liking her book or strongly disliking it and this one was on the wayside of dislike. A bummer too. The summary really got me intrigued.


The plot was too easy and obvious with a strong lack of common sense. It really took away from my enjoyment. Also, it circled around several things I cannot stand at all in real life, which had me raging: manipulation, backstabbing, and twisting words.

I found it so hard to believe that Ivy’s friends which she’s had for years and years would suddenly just turn on her like that and not believe her when she was having a hard time with Iris. It took away from the book. Nobody believed her about her sister of whom they don’t even truly know or have an inkling of what she’s like. I had so many moments that I rolled my eyes. Either they’re horrible friends or just ridiculously gullible. Was not digging that at all.

More so, there was so much repetition with Ivy and her non-stop paranoia that felt so random and forced regarding Iris and what she was up to. She really fell into it all her It didn’t push the story forward but kept it moving in a circle that went nowhere. The detail was so little that the imagery was incredibly flat and unmoving. Seriously though I read this line and laughed so hard because, like, what is this!? “Iris is by the front door of the hall, watching with a faint smile on her devil lips.” What are devil lips! LOL. When I’m thinking of a devilish grin or smirk or anything in the round it’s usually this:


As a writer, I can honestly say I don’t know what this is or even where to begin with trying to picture it and my professors would kick a lung laughing so hard at this in a workshop. Honestly, give me your best gifs, guys. This was the one thing that busted me up. A shudder and a laugh. I couldn’t deal. LOL.


I was bummed and disappointed with this one. Sure, I got the V. C Andrews’s Mirror Sisters vibe at first but this went downhill so fast. The plot was a great idea but it didn’t seem to go in any believable or unique direction that made it stand out. That doesn’t mean I give up on Preston however. I loved Awake! So, I’ll give her others a shot for sure. I’m looking forward to You’ll Be Mine and The Lost.


“You can’t live up to the standards you hold yourself to. No one’s perfect.” (Ty to Ivy, p. 10)

“Nothing is okay right now, and I’m scared it never will be again.” (Ivy, p. 85)

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