Halloween Booklist: 2020 Edition


Hello spooky bookworms!

It’s that time of year again! I’ve got the Halloween booklist for you. Maybe you’ve read a few of these already and maybe you’ll add a couple to your TBR. In any case, have a happy reading season with these picks. IF you have read a couple of them, what did you think?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Author: Seth C. Adams

Barnes & Noble

Reggie helps and hides a stranger in his treehouse and the two slowly become friends. But then Reggie discovers he’s a contract killer, does he help him or turn him over to the police?

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble


Author: Joe Hill


Vic McQueen discovers she’s a creative, and her motorbike is her knife that can take her from one place to another, using a bridge. But, when she meets Charlie Manx, she meets trouble. For years, he’s been taking children he believes are being raised by horrible parents to Christmasland, she must put ta stop to it.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

The Last Werewolf

Author: Glen Duncan


Jacob has been living the last two hundred years alone, the last of his kind. He’s ready to be done with it, but then he’s plunged back into the will to live and love after a surprising meeting that makes it all worthwhile.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

Nancy Drew: The Curse

Author: Michol Ostow


Prequel to the hit show on The CW, Nancy is on the case when a curse threatens to shut down Naming Day and her friend goes missing.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

The Unleashed (The Haunted #2)

Author: Danielle Vega

Penguin Teen

The Steele Hose is gone, but that’s not the only thing that haunted. In fact, Hendricks discovers so much more. She and her friends are tryng to get back to normal and prom is coming up. But when she tries to summon Eddie, who she thinks is still out there, she and her friends discover the horrifying way that they summoned something else entirely. Something dark and deadly.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble


Author: Tracy Wolff


A mortal among gods…or monsters, she has no idea where she belongs. Then she meets Jaxon Vega, a vampire with deadly secrets. She soon begins to wonder why she was brought into the center of so many warring factions and if she is merely here as bait.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

The Game

Author: Linsey Miller


A game of assassin during their senior year turns deadly when the group of seniors begin dropping dead.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

The Graces

Author: Laure Eve


Everyone is obsessed with The Graces. They want to be one of them. River is no different. More than anything she wants to prove herself and be like them. But not all is as it seems on the surface. They seem to weave magic so easily but what else are they capable of?

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

We Were Restless Things

Author: Cole Nagamatsu


Link Miller drowned on dry land, far away from any body of water. Ruled a strange accident, Noemi knows the truth. He drowned in a lake that only she can find. Creepier, somebody posing as Link has been contacting her. She isn’t alone though. With her new housemate, Jonas, and Link’s younger sister, Amberlyn, the three of them are determined to get to the truth about what is happening.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Author: Seth Grahame Smith


His mother was fatally killed by a vampire. Later in life, he tells the tale of his flight against the forces of darkness in the name of vengaence.

Goodreads       Amazon           Barnes & Noble

There you have it! Some spookies with some chills with some paranormal romance. Enjoy, my lovely book fiends!

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? What’s a book you’re reading for the sppoky season? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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