An Angel’s Love is Deadly (Rage and Ruin – A Book Review)

Rage and Ruin (The Harbinger #2)

Author: Jennifer L. Armetrout

Published: 2020

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Rated A for Grade A apocalypse thanks to douchebag angels

Forbidden Alliances.

Forbidden Love.

Half angel and half human, Trinity is now bonded to her new gargoyle protector, Zayne. Together, the two work to stop the end of the world, but that’s if they don’t kill each other first or fall in love. Their complex feeling and in ability to be straight forward and honest with one another only puts them in danger and they must find The Harbinger. With humankind at risk, they must figure out how to deal with this new situation and their growing emotions.

They thought they could handle this but their hearts argue that and they quickly discover how wrong they were. Can they defeat the Harbinger and prevent the end or will they be the undoing of the world?

The Harbinger Reviews


Storm and Fury

I have many words to say about this book. MANY. Many great but some that have major bones to pick with Zayne who thinks he’s above and immune to hypocrisy. This book really amped up the emotional ride in this one. Trinity finds herself struggling more than ever with her feelings for Zayne and trying to find the Harbinger before the end of the world starts. Talk about complicated. Buffy-complicated.


My bone that needs picked with Zayne has to deal with him thinking Trinity is just supposed to automatically know how relationships work and that she’s to blame for everything including his missteps. The young woman is in a whole new world. It’s like he forgot where she came from and what a sheltered life she had. I’m totally siding with her on every level. Not only is her experience basically zero but she’s an extremely powerful being and doesn’t want to hurt hum, but does that matter? No, he just gets uber butt-hurt and doesn’t even try to hear her out. And, yeah, they made up, but I will be forever super salty about this moment. One minute he cares and wants her to be able to ask for help because she’s going blind and the next he’s jumping down her throat. Uncool, dude. Buuuuuut, I still love you.

Also, those two need to work on their communication skills because they are so horrible at it. Their freaking bonded and therefore really need to sit down and get to know one another. If anything, it’ll help them grow.


From there I fell into the pit of devastation because by the end of this book I was a wreck. Sure, Zayne is a super pain, but the things you love most typically are. So when the end came up and faster than I expected, I was stunned into tears. I was just starting to get attached to him, though if I’m honest I rather like the Crown Prince of Hell, Roth, the most. LOL. The devastation hit like and eighteen-wheeler. I can’t imagine what’s coming next after such a horrible battle and a jumpstart to the end of the world and the loss of true love.

Author Bryna Butler

As Trinity started finding her own footing in this world ( pardon the pun) meeting Stacey was torture. The woman legit thinks she has such an important part in Zayne’s life like she’s number one and it rubbed me wrong. So wrong that I wanted to punch this chick in the face. She’s just one of those annoying ones that you roll your eyes because they stick their nose in every crevice it doesn’t belong. And she didn’t make things easy on Trin. Like, Lacey I get and she wasn’t a total wretch with the nasty attitude for a Chihuahua. It felt needy and petty and unbelievably annoying.

The world of Wardens, angels, and demons opened up so much more. Getting to experience that alongside with Trinity really gave the story so much more. It really pulled at my heart. Trinity was wavering on both sides: good and evil and coming to terms with that fact that she is a weapon. Her embracing that was powerful beyond everything else in this book. For me, at least.


Oh this one will rip you up and have you feel a wide range of emotions. Quite the rollercoaster of drama and angst with phenomenal originality. I was hanging on like a crackhead, guys. JLA never lets me down.


“Different is not bad, Trinity. Different can be good.” (Roth, p. 240)

“Time doesn’t exist when you’re enjoying yourself.” (Zayne, p. 258)

“Do you know why Trueborns and their Protectors are forbidden to be together? Love clouds judgment. It is a weakness that can be exploited.” (Gabriel, p. 580)

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