And Death Knocked Lightly On Her Door (Storm and Fury – A Book Review)

Storm and Fury (The Harbinger #1)

Author: Jennifer L. Armeetrout

Published: 2019

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Rated G for broody gargoyles, S for spirit-seeing, sassy, selfishness and D for death on the horizon

The wardens I live with were born to protect humankind from demons.

They think I’m human.

They don’t know that I can see ghosts and spirits.

They don’t know what I really am. They don’t know that they’re hiding…me.

Trinity Marrow has grown up in the compound for as long as she can remember. The wardens don’t pay much mind to her. That’s fine with her. While she may be going blind and trains just as hard as any of them, she’s got a few secrets. She can see and talk to spirits and ghosts. Also, the wardens unknowingly keep her safe from demons. If demons ever discovered what she was, they’d completely devour her.

When wardens from another compound arrive with disturbing news that something mysterious and deadly is out there, killing both demons and wardens, Trinity begins to panic. That certainly has nothing to do with one of the outsiders capturing her full attention. Okay, maybe a little bit. Zayne holds his own secrets as well and they threaten to send Trinity spiraling. Both he and Trinity have to work together if they have any hopes of putting an end to this beast on a killing spree. What they don’t know is that this is only the beginning. The beginning of the end.

This was a quarantine buy and I don’t regret it one bit! JLA has never disappointed and I say that with every review I do for her books. LOL. This one may not have hit the obsessive button for me like so many of her other novels have, but it definitely did a good job capturing my attention with its action-packed scenes and deep contemplation about the self.


The secrets between all of the characters that left so much vagueness drove me insane! But in a good way. I just wanted to know so much more and the frustration from was leaving me twitching. I love when emotions like that come to the surface from reading because a book should be able to provoke all kinds of emotions.  


The Supernatural references were on point! So much yes! From the mention of salt used on ghosts to the Impala to Misha, which I swear was reference on the actor who portrays the angel, Castiel. I LOVE that show, and no, I’m not ready for the end. Not one bit. But, JLA’s incorporation of the hit show really added a flare of fun and interest for me and I deeply appreciate that. Plus, this is totally something Dean and Sam would get into. I’m just waiting for somebody to call angels douchebags. LOL.

Trinity is a very unique character. I can’t say the same for Zayne because he really comes off as the typical Angel or Stefan Salvatore, and I can’t picture anybody else but Jake Elordi (Kissing Booth, Euphoria), but Trinity really snagged me. Going blind and being raised away from humans with no real experience in the world. It’s a sheltered life and a whole different perspective. It forces me to rethink so much because it puts her in a rough position. She didn’t ask for this life nor does it seem like she wants it. But, she accepts it. Doesn’t mean she won’t complain about it though. LOL. I can’t blame her either. I really can’t. It’s a hard life she lives when she yearns for all of the things others have, like love. She’s snarky and funny and a fighter. Things I love in a main character.

Speaking of, the chemistry between Trinity and Zayne is like a damn firework sparkler. Bright and mesmerizing but also annoying if the sparks land on you. When they clashed it was magnetic and the bickering was entertaining as hell. However, I just wasn’t overly attached. I wasn’t getting that desperation for them. Hoping for that to wash over me with the next book. After all, this is only book one.

Side Note: The amount of times JLA used the word ‘remote’ was so much that I was halfway through when I just started laughing everytime I saw it.

While this book wasn’t as in-depth as previous ones in regards to world-building and depiction, I was enthralled with the paranormal subject of gargoyles and demons. Completely original and certainly eye-catching. It’s what drew me in. I love the old toon, which is on Disney+. I was instantly reminded of it and the old magic it entailed as well as adventure. I was utterly taken by all of the paranormal aspects. The gargoyles, demons, ghosts, spirits, and angels. A unique bunch and that totally broke the barriers of fantasy and the supernatural for me. Fresh and intriguing. Bravo.


This was a much more predictable plot than her other books but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There was so much else here that a predictable plot wasn’t bad. Some books can really pull that off. Give so much in passion and thought and other aspects that really overshadows that. An intense but fun read. A rich ride in discovery both in one’s self and the world. The realization of potential of both heroism and evil that can manifest anywhere in anyone. Plus, I love a good end-of-the-world. Definitely a good book to read.


“I wanted more. I wanted the yearning that had crossed over Misha’s face when he saw Alina waiting for him at the door. I wanted the passion Jada and Ty shared. I wanted the love I saw in the looks Thierry and Matthew shared, in the words they often whispered to each other in the hushed voices. I wanted it all.” (Trinity, p. 90)

“Funny how fate has a way of righting itself against all odds, isn’t it?” (p. 212)

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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