The Heroes and Villains Book Tag


Hello, book cult!

I hope everyone is doing well. I was buzzing around, looking for a book tag of the month and was inspired to create this one! Now, there are several variations of this book tag already, but here’s mine!

What’s a favorite book hero of yours?

Odd Thomas of Odd Thomas

A recent addition to my list of heroes. Odd is a simple, fry cook guy, who just wants a simple life but when a ghost seeks him out for his help he does something about it. His light and sweet kindness and ability to go to great lengths to helps those who need it is inspiring. I also love a hero that can put a little bit of humor into it when the moment calls for some relief. And his capacity for love and deep belief of soulmates is just fecking beautiful.

What’s a favorite villain of yours?

Oliver of The Morganville Vampires

This one is interesting because Oliver is a rather ancient vampire and while he primarily only cares about what he can do for himself and will try take whatever opportunity he can to steal power out from under others, there is on occasion—small occasion—where he does help others. His sneaky and pretty terrifying disposition always turns on a dime leaving me shook.

A favorite sidekick/best friend?

Scarlet Reader
Tink of Wicked

This is one fickle brownie with a love for Amazon Prime and Troll dolls. Funny and also annoying, this little guy doesn’t attach himself to just anyone, but when he does, he’ll protect them with all of his might because nobody messes with his friends.

A character that’s bad but you believe is good underneath it all?

Death AKA Aric of The Arcana Chronicles

This one is…complicated. Aric is one point of a triangle in The Arcana Chronicles and I’m not holding out for him. However, while he’s been a warrior of the ages, spanning centuries and slaughtering countless, I believe there’s still some humanity inside him. He does hold desires for a family one day and to someday start his life over, but this game has him battling endlessly just like it does for the many other Arcana of the series.

A spirit animal if you had one that would come when you called for aid?

Tempest the storm spirit of The Heroes of Olympus

A horse spirit, wild with thunder and lightning. While I’m personally terrified of horses, this is definitely the spirit animal I’d call on. I’ in love with lightning, and Tempest has a personality that could compete with the wild winds. I would totally conquer my strange fear if that meant I could have him as a companion. To be able to fly on him? Maaan, I’m just daydreaming about it.

So, it’s a short but thoughtful and fun book tag. I’m not tagging anybody because I want everyone who enjoys this quickie to do it. So, if you enjoy it and want to pick your hero/villain line-up then go for it! Just be sure to tag me in so I can see yours!

More to come soon…


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