Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book addicts!

Hope you’re having a good Sunday. This is the Speedy Quote Sunday where I share a couple quotes from some books I’ve read. I truly love doing this post. It allows me to gush a little or a lot, in-depth or in-short about specific spots in books I’ve read. Such a damn joy.

“You will live. You will fight.” (Ash Princess, Lauren Sebastian)

Freaking empowering. There’s always a fight to be had whether externally or internally and this quote legit lit a fire within me.

Your future can be whatever you wish. We all have the power to choose our own destiny…” (Legendary, Stephanie Garber)

A beautiful trilogy that’s utterly magical through and through. From the writing to the imagery. This quote is only a sample. The future is a fickle thing. Some say that if you want it enough and fight for it forever, it’s yours no matter what. I’m not so sure. But this; it certainly relights my flame to fight for what I want.

More to come soon…


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