Scarlet Playlist – Aug. 10, 2020

Hey there, book clan!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not then I hope it gets better. I’ve got the Scarlet Playlist for you here. Read to it. Sing to it. Do strange choreography to it. Whatever you want. I compiled it for you.

1. This Love – Taylor Swift

2. Back at One – Brian McKnight

3. Affirmation – Savage Garden (I’ve actually dealt with people that do nothing but make fun of SG but I love them, so, blah.)

4. Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer

5. Out the Window – Ashley Gearing

6. Save My Heart – Jason Reeves

7. See You – Thriving Ivory (Beautiful and unique and longing and I always need to hear this at least one more time.)

8. Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift

9. You and Me – Lifehouse

10. Stolen – Dashboard Confessional (SWOOOON.)

11. Breathing – Lifehouse

12. First Time – Lifehouse

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? A favorite song you love to put on repeat? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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