Scarlet Blip: Rereading A Book? Why?

Hey there, book lovers!

Now, I know I didn’t post a blip for you last month, but with three book-lists I figured that was okay. And, while July is coming up on its end, I have a blip! Rereading books!

If you’re new to The Scarlet Reader then welcome! And, here’s a bit about The Scarlet Blip.


Once a month I’ll wash you with a topic ranging anywhere from book blogging to book to book tags to list to delicious tacos. Okay, no delicious tacos, but definitely anything books. Of course, I don’t profess to be any kind of expert in whichever subject I take on. But! BUT! I do promise to make it pretty quick because reading an extremely long post can be dreary, and also that it’s from my personal experience and point of view.

This month I’m taking a look at rereading books. Pretty bland, eh? That’s cool. Totally chill. You don’t have to keep reading. You are allowed to opt-out and go about your awesome day. But, hey, if you’re not bored yet then take a scroll and see what I bring to you about rereading books.

Two Types

There are two types of people—readers. Those who don’t mind going back and rereading a fantastic book! Then, there are those who read a book and then donate it because why bother reading it again. It’s a waste of time. Personally, I’ll reread a couple books, but only when I have time, and when you own a book mountain that continuously grows you don’t have many opportunities. LOL.

Is there anything wrong with not wanting to reread favorites? No. Some people get their fill and that’s that. Boom. Finite. But, those who enjoy reliving epic stories because they moved them so fecking much. And that’s rad as hell.

Why Do A Reread?

Yeah, why bother? For one, you get a chance to see what you may have missed. One particular series I’ve read, I’ve always discovered something new that I didn’t catch previously and it leaves me utterly mind-blown. I fall in love more and more with the series. More so, you might realize your feelings have changed for the book(s). It happens! You’ll see it in a whole different light! Human emotion is wild that way.

The most important thing about a reread, and my favorite, is the reminder of why and how I fell in love with the book. That heart-swelling, pulse-throbbing, so-lost-you-forgot-to-breathe feeling that leaves you sighing or possibly gasping. It’s fun to revisit an old story. If you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it.

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? What book have you reread lately? Me? I’m gearing up to read Blood + Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klaus like I do every year. Do you do rereads? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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