A Toxic Love Story For the Ages – (Wicked: Witch & Curse – A Book Review)

Wicked: Witch & Curse (Wicked #1 & #2)
Author: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie
Published: 2008

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My Rating:

Rated A for ancient magic that’s bound to use you as a sacrifice.

Holly, Amanda, and Nicole are about to be launched into a dark legacy of witches, secrets, and alliances, where ancient magics yield dangerous results.

After Holly Cather loses both her parents and best friend in a rafting accident, she goes to live with her aunt and two cousins. Amid her grief and sorrow, she soon notices how wishes of hers come true and other strange occurrences. More importantly, she’s being plagued by strange dreams connecting her to the prominent Deveraux family.

It’s war between the two families when Holly finally discovers that not only is she and her family witches but so are the Deveraux’s who have been trying to kill them. It’s a war that’s gone back for centuries and now it’s at its peak. Though torn in love, Holly will do whatever she has to do to protect her remaining family and fulfill a destiny that has been approaching for a long time.

I wasn’t sure what I’d be jumping into when I started this. I imagined something L. J. Smith-esque. I was incredibly wrong. If anything, this was an Anne Rice YA if there was a comparison, reading as an ominous tale with a ghostly overtone. The use of familiars has to be my favorite part of the entire book. More so, that the confusing main plot even—it was just all over the place, trying to put so much together that I was left befuddled and disinterested.


I really tried to enjoy but I just couldn’t get past that threshold. Holly and Jer came together like a moth to a flame, continuing what I imagine to be one of the longest toxic relationships ever. LOL. Possessed by family ghosts on and off throughout the books, the two were drawn to each other, yet torn apart with utmost drama. This volume was just moving too fast and came across too broken up to really garner my intrigue. However, I found great appreciation for the way the book gave each character a POV.

The Deverauxs are certainly despicable and continuously made me rage. Sexist, crude, gross pigs. I’d love to punch them. Just…ugh. Quite easy to despise and root for their downfall. Surely, their desperation mixed with a strong desire for sheer darkness and power will lead to that and I’m excited about that. LOL.


The magic of the book danced between comical and fantasy rather than something I could find myself getting lost in. There was just so much stretching and it felt more and more childish. Yet, I really loved the chapters named after each sacred moon. Just beautiful.


I just couldn’t get into this book. I’ll still finish the series in hopes it gets better, but my hopes aren’t very high right now, sadly. It was long and drawn out and failed to capture my attention.


“Some guys watch football, we raise the dead.” (Witch, Jer, p. 147)

“We have to stand our ground, make this our moment, stand our ground, break the curse. Stand our ground…” (Witch, p. 350)

“Love might be the coin of the realm, but blood still fed the circle.” (Curse, p. 12)

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P.S. Song today? Toxic by Brittney Spears.

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