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Hello, book-aholics!

I was thinking about a book tag of this month when the Fourth of July was rolling around. Then all I could think about was barbecuing. Strangely, and it could just be my area or nationwide, but May is a mas-barbecuing month and then it’s as if it cools off for June and then starts right back up in July, like clockwork. LOL. And then poof! Why not combine barbecuing and books!? Weirder things have happened, right? Plus, I’m bringing together two of my favorite things. Food and books. Delicious!

So, let’s get rolling!

Hot Dogs: You know you have at least two because who doesn’t wolf one down!? The traditional classic you find yourself coming back to.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Author: William Shakespeare

Always. I will always come back here, to the wood, where mischief and love take place. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve swooned but also busted a gut from laughing so hard. Oh, that silly Puck.

Cheeseburgers: The classic go-to that you’ll load up with every condiment on the table because there’s no other way to eat it. The big one. The one book that had so much happening, and you just ate it up.

The Dark Calling

Author: Kresley Cole

All of the books of The Arcana Chronicles were pretty jam-packed with everything from all sides. Action. Emotions. Devastation. You name it. But this one had a lot of extra punch to it and I was a fucking mess by the end. I actually needed a drink.

Chicken: A grilled favorite and must-have. A book that was fulfilling and felt like home.

Blood and Chocolate

Author: Annette Curtis Klaus

Banned Library

I always come back to this one. While encompassing a few favorite genres and themes, I’m always reminded of some lessons and find sheer love and enjoyment in it. It’s why I always come back to it every summer.

Ribs: Exploding with flavor and you will definitely get it on yourself but it’s too good to care. A book that you jumped into knowing full-well it was bound to be messy-dramatic but you couldn’t help but indulge yourself.

Paper Princess

Author: Erin Watt


Did I know this was filled to the brim with wild and ridonkulous (Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose) drama that is just so unbelievable? Yes. And I bought the entire series. Such a guilty pleasure. Totally crazy and doesn’t scream award winner but damn if it doesn’t get the blood pumping. LOL.

Shish kebob: There’s always one or two things you love and a couple you push to the side of your plate. A book you loved and hated.

The Cabin

Author: Natasha Preston

It was so good at the start, but by the middle and certainly, at the end it was predictable and the characters were reminding of the ones in a horror movie that should be running out the front door rather than up the stairs.

Baked Beans: You enjoy them a little, but too much is too much and can gum up the works. A book that was slow but by the end you loved, yet you wouldn’t find yourself reading again probably.

From Here to You

Author: Jamie Maguire

I love The Maddox Bros series. This was a great spin-off. Tender yet fiery, but not enough for me want to go with the series and finish it. Just doesn’t have the same spice for me that the Maddox brothers do.

Potato Salad: Gritty yet satisfying and crunchy. A gritty book that put you through it.

Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires #11)

Author: Rachel Caine


Each of the books in this series will do a number on you but this one was and is a real decimator. No joke. I cried the first time I read it. The town of Morganville is run by vampires and the human are just surviving it, but not this time. Vampires and humans are disappearing and stores are closing…forever. Something is drowning the town and there’s no other choice but to run, but it’s too late. Its residents can only do one thing: stand together and fight, but even that may not be enough.

Macaroni Salad: Incredibly sweet but you’ll take a spoonful. A book that was surprising and sweet.

Thanks for the Trouble

Author: Tommy Wallach

I didn’t know what to expect when I read this one. It certainly wasn’t getting punched in the feels, that’s for sure. Subtle, sweet, adventurous, beautiful, a journey of the heart. Falling in love and then your heart jumping off a bridge.

I’m not going to tag anyone in this one because I know I have some followers from all over the world and they may not know or enjoy these foods. But, feel free to copy this and put in your own answers and share! Even put in some dishes you loved at a cookout. Just don’t forget to tag me, the originator here, because I would love to see these results.

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? What’s your favorite thing to gorge on at a barbecue? I love LOVE getting a perfectly grilled hotdog. Let’s chat in the comments below!

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