Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey bookworms!

This is the Speedy Quote Sunday where every other week I share a couple of quotes that really reached out to me. Sometimes a book stops us in our tracks, takes our breaths away, or make us really think just by one phrase. I love it when they do that. So, here are a couple from books I’ve read.

“Sometimes I think gravity may be death is disguise. Other times I think gravity is love, which is why love’s only demand is that we fall.” (We Are the Ants, Shawn David Hutchinson)

“Pain is an interesting thing. You think you have reached your limit and you can’t possibly feel more tortured. Then you discover there is still another level of agony. And another level after that.” (The Burning Maze, Rick Riordan)

Pain and love. You wouldn’t think they’d go together, but they do. Much like ranch and hot sauce. Sometimes it’s the great things like love that come from pain. And sometimes it’s the exact opposite. These two phenom writers just leave me amazed each time I read one of their books.

More to comes soon…


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