Summer Booklist – 2020 YA Edition

Hello, bookworms!

It’s that time of year! I have the summer booklists ready! Every June I put up three booklists: Young Adult, Fiction, and Nonfiction. I get super excited about it, too, because I discover a couple books I add to my own TBR.

When I go looking for the books on these lists I don’t just look and pick from new releases just coming out, but for others that seem perfect for a summer read. So, (with social distancing in mind), grab a blanket, find your favorite tree to sit under, and let’s dive in with the YA edition of the Summer Booklist. There’s some adventure, mythos, fantasy, and some romance mixed in. All the good drama that’ll get you wrapped up.

The Magnus Chase series
Author: Rick Riordan

Magnus Chase, homeless and on the run, dies and awaken in Valhalla. There, he discovers he’s much more than just some kid, but but son of the Norse god, Frey. Much like Riordan’s others works, Magnus is set out on a quest to prove himself and help his friends, but also prevent Ragnarok from coming to pass too soon.

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The June Boys
Author: Court Stevens

The Gemini Thief could be anyone. On June 1st they kidnap three boys and hold onto them for thirteen months, releasing them on June 30th the next year. The Gemini Thief is a pro and has taken at least twelve boys. Thea Delacroix believes that her cousin it the thirteenth to be taken by them.

Everything changes when the boys start turning up dead. With the helped oof her boyfriend and friends, Thea is determined to discover who the Gemini Thief is and stop them before her cousin turns up dead.

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The Weather Wardens series
Author: Rachel Caine

Set in a world we know, but not. There are people with unique abilities to tame and control the elements like fire, water, earth, air…and weather. Deadly and powerful, they are targeted by enemies surrounding them from all sides.

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Artemis Fowl
Author: Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is a genius and a millionaire, but not even he knows how deep he’s in it when he kidnaps fairy, Holly Short of the LEPrecon. He needs answers about certain matters and he’s determined to get them. He just didn’t expect to bond with her and possibly find friendship.

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Undertow trilogy – Undertow, Raging Sea, and Heart of the Storm
Author: Michael Buckley

Lyric Walker’s life changed forever when the Alpha rolled up on the beach of her home, Coney Island. Everything has changed. Barriers and blockades separate humans from the Alpha, but now their wanting to integrate. Little does she know there is a greater enemy and the Alpha were running from, seeking humans’ help as ocean and land are on the verge of war.

And Lyric is dead in the middle and the key to saving those she loves, including the Alpha prince. Fathom.

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The Gilded Ones
Author: Namina Forna

Deka lives in fear and anticipation because she was born with gold blood, blood of impurity. She will be given a choice: Submit to a fate worse than death or a life much different than others could dream of: fight for the emperor as an alaki–immortals with special abilities. She’ll leave everything she knows behind for a dangerous life full of unexpected surprises, some she never imagined.

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The Beautiful & The Damned
Author: Renee Ahdeih

New Orleans is ruled by the dead. Celine finds refuge in the deep, dark city of intriguing mystery. In her new life she discovers more than she expected when she meets Sebastian Saint Germain. She tries to stay away from him, especially after bodies start turning up in the convent she resides in. When Celine tries to figure out who is killing people she uncovers a feud between creatures of the underworld and soon discovers a truth about herself she’s always wondered about. Dark and alluring, a thrilling ride.

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The Harbinger series – Storm and Fury & Rage and Ruin
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Trinity Marrow maybe going blind but that doesn’t deter her ability to see and talk to ghosts and spirits. Guarded by Wardens-gargoyle shapeshifters that protect humans from demons. If demons discover Trinity, they’ll devour her entirety to enhance their own powers.

Trinity’s safe world is broken when it’s discovered that there’s something killing demons and Wardens. A supernatural war is unleashed and Trinity will have to do whatever it takes to stay safe, even trust those she wouldn’t typically.

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When It’s Real
Author: Erin Watt

Oakely Ford, teen celebrity, famous actor, needs to help tame his image and what better way to do that than acquiring a fake girlfriend? Honestly, he’s only doing it because his publicist is demanding it. Vaughn Bennett would’ve never agreed to it if her family wasn’t strapped for cash. Oakely is shallow and self-centered so of course, she’d never fall for him in real life, right? A dive into teen romance with the dream of falling for a celeb. Be honest, we’ve all had one of those dreams.

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The Mall
Author: Megan McCafferty

The year is 1991 and it’s all scrunchies, mixtapes, and 90210. Cassie Worthy is pretty psyched to be working at the Parkway Center Mall for the summer before she heads off to college to fulfill her life plan: higher education and happily ever after. Easy, right? Right.

Cassie will find so much more from friendship to love and ultimately, she’ll find herself.

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So many to choose from! But why choose just one when you can add them all. And who knows, maybe you’ve tackled a couple of these. If you have, what did you think of them? Share with me! Engagement is a fun thing. I know I just LOVE Rachel Caine and Jennifer L. Armentrout. The series I picked above are ones I haven’t read yet, but I’m so psyched to. Do you have a book you’re excited to jump into this summer?

More too come soon…


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