Midnight Tease

Midnight Tease - Giphy

Hey, bookworms!

It is the witching hour and if you’re up this late then you must be a night owl like me. Nothing wrong with that! Since you’re up, here’s what’s coming up this month on The Scarlet Reader. So, grab a midnight snack and take a scroll.


Coming Soon…

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The Scarlet Reader
Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires # 11)
Author: Rachel Caine


Raging Sea & Heart of the Storm (Undertow #2 & #3)
Author: Michael Buckley


Scarlet Reader
Wicked (#1 & #2)
Author: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie


The Scarlet Reader
War Storm
Author: Victoria Aveyard





The Scarlet Reader
The Dark Tower (The Dark Tower #7)
Author: Stephen King


Scarlet Reader
Penguin Random House
The Thing on the Doorstep
Author: H. P. Lovecraft


The Scarlet Reader
Odd Thomas
Author: Dean Koontz


The Scarlet Reader
The Lake
Author: R. Karl Largent


The Scarlet Reader
The Hostile Hospital (A Series of Unfortunate Events #8)
Author: Lemony Snicket


Up For Review…

Up for Review


The Scarlet Reader
Where the Truth Lies
Author: Jessica Warman


The Scarlet Reader
Author: Lois Duncan


Scarlet Reader
We Are the Ants
Author: Shaun David Hutchinson


The Scarlet Reader
The Sword of Summer (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1)
Author: Rick Riordan


I have quite a bit stacked up, eh? This month, I’m really stretching it. LOL. I have returned to work, so I may not get to all of my reads as I hope, but I’m hoping to get through most of them. I know for sure that I won’t get all the way through The Dark Tower and The Thing on the Doorstep this month. Those are some dense books, but I’m excited to finally get to them. I’m super stoked to get to Odd Thomas as well, and The Lake looks like a SyFy TV movie. A great month for intriguing reads. Let’s not forget reviews either because Magnus Chase and We Are the Ants were fecking phenom! I can’t wait to gush about those in my reviews!


More to come soon…



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