Scarlet Playlist – June 1, 2020

Scarlet Reader

Heya, bookworms!

Hope you all are doing and staying safe. I’m still in quarantine basically. On the plus side, the weather is getting warmer and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that. I loathe cold weather. Yeah, I’m talking about you, winter.

Anywho, here is the playlist of the week! Sing to it, dance to it, read to it, whatever you want. I complied it just for you, lovelies.

1. Days Like This – Kim Taylor(Such a mellow one.)

2. Mermaid – Train(I know nobody that hates Train.)

3. Mandolin Summer Sun – Jamie Lynn Spears(A perfect song for the start of summer!)

4. Stay the Night – James Blunt

5. When the Rain Falls – Paramore(This one puts me in a mood!)

6. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

7. Ride – Amanda Marshall

8. Miss Americana is + The Heartbreak Prince – Taylor Swift

9. Slide – The Goo Goo Dolls

10. Chasing Echoes – Kaitlin Carve

11. Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen(Such a freaking jam. I’m sad he’s seemed to be left on the wayside.)

12. Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know – Britney Spears

More to come soon…


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Thoughts? A favorite song? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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