Scarlet Blip: What does your voice sound like?

Hello, precious book nerds!

This month I bring you the question: What does your voice sound like?

Weird blip to discuss this month, eh? Is the voice of your blog important? Wait, your blog has a voice? Easy answer. Yes. It really is. And yes, it does. It’s the invisible part inlaid in your writing and what gives it a heartbeat. So what does it sound like to you and others?

There’s a power that comes with giving your words a voice and doing so not only shares a part of you but it draws in your readers to what you’re passionate about. It’s personal and a chance to open up in a way only you can, like an imprint if you will. You can use vocabulary that no dictionary can lay a hand on because those words are yours the moment they hit the page. Lord knows I love using assholery and fuckery and those aren’t typical terms.

It’s not only in words either, but the photos, gifs, and other media you may include on the side. I know I enjoy including a song of the day as a little side piece to my book reviews which you’ll find at the bottom when I sign off. I freaking love listening to music and if you guys ever have a song you think I should head then totally tell me. I love adding new stuff to my over the top eclectic tastes.

Personally, I get the opportunity to be as excitable as I want here on The Scarlet Reader. Sometimes that means there’s some swear words and a lot of exclamation points because there are days where I’m nothing but exclamation points so, of course, I want to share that. LOL. Do I always make sense? Hell, no! I know that, but I’m also putting myself out there because how else will people get to experience the feelings I did with books I review or my other posts?

You are legit sharing yourself so make it strong and loud and most importantly, the you-est you out there. It feels risky because maybe you should take a formal and more journalist approach, and that’s okay if you prefer a more structured tone. Go in that direction if you want. It’s a nice one too. I am in no position to dis it whatsoever. But imagine for a second, plastering yourself on a page. Read it out loud. I bet it’s not all that bad. It’s probably a work or fracking art. Just sayin’.

There is a warning to be had when it comes to the voice of your blog. It’s pretty obvious actually. Keeping it consistent is key. Pure and simple. Flip-flopping on the tone of your blog can throw folks off-kilter.

In short, take your time as you find your voice. Reach outside typical boundaries and find that passion you know is there. Before you know it you’ll be typing as fast as you talk and you’ll hear those words crystal clear in your mind.

More to come soon…



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