Speedy Quote Sunday

Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book nerds!

It’s Speedy Quote Sunday and here is a couple of quotes from books that I’ve read. Sometimes there are just a few from a book, whether it’s good or not, that pull your strings for one reason or another.


“Gwendy has a thought: secrets are a problem. They weigh on the mind and take up space in the world.” (Gwendy’s Button Box, Stephen King)

“You can’t end something that never began.” (After, Anna Todd)

Out of the two, I think Gwendy’s is my favorite. While After’s is blunt and emotional while fighting it, Gwendy’s is thoughtful and honest.


More to comes soon…



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Thoughts? Have a favorite quote from a book? Let’s chat in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Speedy Quote Sunday

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      1. How can you decide which vomment is to be replied.
        I think someone is talking you it means he is lerning somthing from you..

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      2. you know when you didnt reply i thought you are very proudy on your beauty… but i was wrong..


      3. I don’t fully understand what you are saying but I do try to connect with everyone who follows my blog and share interests in regard to books and such.

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      4. Its ok. i was saying that you are very beautiful by heart and i dont know anything. i am very inspired by your blogs and plz keep writting and be in touch..

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      5. Thanks Kat.
        you know that you are very kindheart girl. and very beautiful.
        i am very excited to meet you. i know its not possible. but its my wiah to meet you.

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      6. Dont say thanks. it will be a huge day of My Life when i will meet you. and see you in front of my eyes.
        i just want to get in touch to you and want to learn about books.

        actuly i like to read books too much.
        in last 7 years i read more then 1500 books.
        And i read all religion books very deeply..
        i love to read and i love your bolg and you too becaus of your writting.
        thanks to reply.

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