Sundown Rundown – April 2020

Hey there, book addicts!

We’re at the end of April. Wowzers. I don’t know about you but it’s been a mixture of stressful and relaxing. I don’t know how that happens since they’re opposites, but it’s a thing.

Right now, the sun is setting and hopefully, the colors are those vibrant tones of orange, violet, pale blue fading tonight with a few stars speckling the sky. I know that’s how I like my twilights. While the sun is setting you might as well take a moment to sit back and relax and scroll through this monthly wrap-up. Why not? You may find a review you might’ve missed.

Author: A. G. Howard
Scarlet Reader

Phantom of the Opera is more than just a tale, but a supernatural curse and one teenaged girl bestowed with the same curse is desperate to break it. She hopes to be rid of it, but her problems only just begin when she attends a boarding school that is also said to have been the phantom’s opera house.


The Miserable Mill
Author: Lemony Snicket
Scarlet Reader

The Baudelaires are sent to live at Lucky Smells Lumber Mill which is hardly suitable for children, but there are bigger worries when Kalus begins acting strange, putting himself in danger and the villainous Count Olaf is nowhere to be seen.


Girl, Serpent, Thorn
Author: Melissa Bashardoust
The Scarlet Reader

A princess will discover she’s the monster everyone fears, even her family, but that she doesn’t have to be monstrous…or does she? (ARC. It was amazing!!)


The Morganville Vampires Vol. 4: Fade Out & Kiss of Death
Author; Rachel Caine
Scarlet Reader

Claire Danvers can’t believe life is actually feeling normal in Morganville. Tha tnormalcy is threatened pretty quickly when the private lives of Morganville are threatened to be released as a documentary, revealing it’s biggest secret, that vampires runt he town. As if that was bad enough, Ada, the town’s defense system threatens to destroy everyone.


Paper Princess
Author: Erin Watt
Paper Princess - amazon

Ella Harper is a survivor. Going to school by day, working by night, but her life flips upside down when a man, Callum Royal shows up claiming guardianship over her and then tosses her headfirst into the rich world of the elite. His sons don’t want her there and it’s not like she wants to be there either. But, if she makes it to graduation there could be a good payout. It starts to fall apart when she begins to have feelings for Reed Royal, leader of the pack.


Ghost Town 
Author: Rachel Caine
The Scarlet Reader

Morganville begins to glitch. People are forgetting. Claire Danvers must work fast before her friends begin to forget too, or worse, she forgets.


The Austere Academy
Author: Lemony Snicket

The Austere Academy - Goodreads

The Baudelaires attend boarding school. While it seems like a dream it quickly turns into a nightmare. Boring classes are pointless. S. O. R. E. which leaves them exhausted. And of course, Count Olaf on their tale with another scheme to get their fortune.


Road to Nowhere
Author: Christopher Pike
Scarlet Reader

A late-night drive is actually a late-night run away for Teresa. But when she stops to pick up a couple of hitchhikers, her night gets worse. As they each share a story and the night goes on, she wonders nervously if she’ll make it to her destination alive.


Favorite Book This Month: Ghost Town is so startling and heartbreaking. I truly loved the way Caine brought to life another story of Morganville peril but from something not vampiric at all. Truly emotional and heart-stopping. Definitely one I started and couldn’t stop until the end. Caine is good at that!

Least Favorite Book This Month: Roseblood started out so great and really captured my attention with how Phantom of the Opera was rewritten into this YA book as something supernatural was impressive. But it got glitchy and the tone changed so much I got whiplash.



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