Scarlet Blip: One or a Million Genres Doth Thou Explore?

Hey there, book lovers!

This month, the genre is getting blipped. What’s so important about genres, especially as a book blogger/reviewer? Well, if it’s not important then you are perfectly golden to jump right out of here. I won’t be offended. Promise. LOL.

Turn back now or forever hold your peace and read about whether or not you should focus on one genre or several on a book blog.

The big question that I’m approaching is: do I only focus on one genre to when writing book reviews or do I write the entire rainbow of genres? Answer? Don’t frustrate yourself or feel overwhelmed when it comes to giving and sharing with readers about books you’ve read. If you have a specific genre like mystery, thriller, fiction, YA, etc. that you like then great. If you skip across all of them then that’s cool too. There’s no right answer, except that you should blog about books from whatever genres that bring you joy. Your epic readers will feel that joy whenever you write about them and that’s the point, right? You’ll find your crowd as you go. That’s a promise. Just focus on what you love.

If you love many genres then definitely share your love for them. Don’t force yourself to write about the ones you don’t enjoy. For example, I don’t write book reviews on mysteries. At least not single, no sub-genre mystery. Mystery puts me to sleep. I’ve tried multiple times to read it and every time, I pass the hell out. However, when mystery is the minor sub-genre to a book, I don’t mind it. It’s such an underlying layer that I don’t even notice it. The adventure or paranormal or romance is slathered over it like a delicious syrupy-ness so reviewing a story like this is easy and fun and exciting. Just as much as you shouldn’t restrict yourself about how many genres you should get your blog on with, you should never feel self-obligated to write about the genres you don’t quite like. You’re not offending anyone. There are several genres around the world because humans are diverse and love different things. Your readers come to your blog for you and what books you blog about already. You already share interests. They wouldn’t have clicked that follow button otherwise. Just enjoy writing what you enjoy reading. That’s it. That’s the blip, lovelies.

More to come soon…



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Thoughts? What genres do you enjoy? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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