Vamp-nesia (Ghost Town – A Book Review)

Ghost Town (The Morganville Vampires #9)
Author: Rachel Caine
Published: 2010

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The Scarlet Reader

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Rated M for possible memory loss and manic panic.


Deep in the heart of Texas, Morganville is a small college town full of laid-back students and eccentric townies, not to mention the sort of creatures you wouldn’t want to run into after dark.

The residents of Morganville are learning to co-exist with one another, both the humans and the vampires. That’s right. Vampires. But, even though it seems like the town is entering a new era that doesn’t stop top student Claire Danvers from being on her guard. With a vampire for a boss, she has to be. It’s good that she has her friends and housemates: Michael, Eve, and Shane to watch her back. But, sadly, nobody can help her with what’s happening.

Townsfolk, human and vampire alike, are losing their memory and it seems like it has to do with the new system Claire helped build to protect the town and its “unique” situation. People that she knows treat her like she’s a complete stranger. She has to work fast to fix it before the people she cares about completely forget about her and before she winds up lunch for a vampire or forgets herself and the town is left unprotected and in complete hysteria.


The Morganville Vampires series is 1 of 3 that I am rereading as a part of my New Year’s Resolution. This is 9 of 15 books.

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On top of being an adrenaline-racer as usual, this installation to the MV series really tugged on my emotions. Actually, they yanked them out land tried to strangle me with them. Being forgotten by those you love is a whole different level of loneliness. For Claire, it cuts two ways. Not only is she stricken with that loneliness, but she caught up close and personal look at her friends before she came along. My heart broke for her because it wasn’t entertaining but outright saddening. It’s showcased even more just how she wasn’t a part of their lives. This was a heavier book that really rocked me. Each time more people forgot Claire and themselves, a chuck of my heart broke off.

The Scarlet Reader
Suggy Emotions

While Ada, the vampire AI responsible for helping to protect the town is gone, her loss is felt heavily and physically. She wasn’t really a character I loved because she tried to kill Claire and her friends multiple times, but this book proved how vital she was. She did so much and sometimes we don’t realize the importance of a character like this. Without Ada, Morganville is a damn wreck! I love how Caine gave focus to that through an entire plot. Sometimes we have to have the ugly in our life because they help propel us forward and sometimes force strength we didn’t know we had to the surface.

Frank Collins’s reappearance in MV was a shocking one. A truly despicable and malicious man, he really comes through as quite the anti-hero. He’s truly the last person anybody would go to for help. Once a vampire hunter bent on killing every vampire alive because he can’t see past the loss of his wife and daughter and now a vampire skulking in the shadows. When it comes to Frank, there are some serious emotions and Caine made them complex and complicated. His character development is some of the best I’ve seen though, that’s for sure.

The town changed almost overnight. It wasn’t a physical change, but a change in chemistry and that has to be some of the most impressive world-building ever. It was the people who changed and that gave the world a whole different look! The town looked so different from each character’s perspective after their memories deplete. A complete work of genius. Completely compelling.

Scarlet Reader



Morganville is still the same dangerous place but without Claire, Shane, Eve, and Michael it would go up in flames. This is such a great book. If you’ve already read this far then you know it’s true! MV always offers up more than just the typical vampire problems. Hell, nothing is ordinary about Morganville. Each book has offered complete originality that leaves me desperate for me. Am I recommending this? Always. So many components of great hooks, emotional-pull, and storytelling. Caine doesn’t just give us what we want but what we need.



“Better death than dishonor; isn’t that our code.” (Amelie to Oliver, p. 191)

“Don’t forget me, okay?” (Shane to Claire, p. 255)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



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