Scarlet Playlist – Apr. 13, 2020

Scarlet Reader

Hello, book addicts!

Happy Monday! If it’s not, I hope it gets better for you. I have the playlist of the week ready to go. Dance to it. Sing to it. Make performance art to it! Whatever your desire. I compiled it just for you.

1. All I Wanted – Paramore

2. Let Me Down – Kelly Clarkson

3. Paranoid – Jonas Brothers

4. Remember When – Avril Lavigne

5. Behind Blue Eyes – The Who

6. Had Enough – Lifehouse

7. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.

8. Be Alright – Dean Lewis

9. Flavor of the Weak – American Hi-Fi

10. Out of Reach – Gabrielle (Thank you, Bridget Jones.)

11. Out on the Town – Fun

12. Life is Getting Better – Javier Colon

More to come soon…



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Thoughts? A favorite song? One you haven’t heard in a while? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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