Hey there, book hoarders!

I hope you are all doing all right and staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re like me then you’re anxiety is on a trip to outer space it’s so high. But, deep breathing, a good book, and some TV show binging and you’re feeling a little better. Yoga has actually been helpful as well.

Wow, I went off subject before I even started. LOL. My bad. I wanted to take a moment and update you all on The Scarlet Reader. As you can tell it has a brand new look. With being put on quarantine, I went ahead and looked into giving it a fresher, more luscious look. Originally, and still, my blog was inspired by my favorite superhero: The Flash. As if you couldn’t tell from the title of it, right? LOL. Now, I’m not changing the name and I’m not changing my rating system. I rather like giving lightning bolts over stars. The inspiration doesn’t die away because of change. So, The Scarlet Reader still lives on.

I just don’t want you guys worrying that I’ve been taken over by aliens, not that there wouldn’t be an awesome tale to tell about that. It was just time to give it some extra love and see what more I can give to make it a great spot to read reviews and find recommendations for books. I do find this new look more attractive and classy and book-tingling and hope you do as well.

More to come soon…




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