Scarlet Playlist – Mar. 23, 2020

Scarlet Reader

Hey, bookworms!

Happy Monday! Hope you are well. I have the reading playlist of the week for you! Of course, the beauty of music is it is the soundtrack to many parts of life, not just the amazing stories between pages. Use it to work out to, dance to it, hell, make it the playlist you listen to when you’re on break at work and trying to ignore your over-talkative co-workers. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover an old song you haven’t listened to in forever or one you’ve never heard before and suddenly fall completely in love with. Enjoy!

1. Walk Me Home – P!NK

2. Fix You – Coldplay (Not going to lie, I’ve shed a few tears over this one.)

3. Afterglow – Taylor Swift (Definitely a major favorite from her Lover album.)

4. Clean – Taylor Swift

5. Thinking of You – Katy Perry (Hands down, one of her best songs out of her whole career.)

6. Chasing Fire – Lauv

7. Lover – Taylor Swift ft. Shawn Mendez

8. Crush – Mandy Moore

9. Happy For You – The Summer Set

10. Breathe – Lauv (Just beautifully tragic.)

11. All Good Things Come to an End – Nelly Furtado

12. Unpredictable – 5 Seconds of Summer

More to come soon…



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Thoughts? Have a favorite from on the list? Let’s chat in the comments below! 

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