Speedy Quote Sunday

Speedy Quote Sunday

Hey there, book addicts!

So, there when you get super, incredibly, ridiculously, crazily get invested in a book you find there are moments and quotes that stay with you. Or maybe not even when your that in love with the book, but you still find that one particular sentence struck you or your life, like lightning, with some sort of clarity or emotional bending. You know what I’m getting at. Here’s a couple that has done that to me, because why not share?

“I want what I shouldn’t want, and I crave someone I can never have.” (A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness)

Such a phenomenal trilogy. I still have to finish the third book, but I’m continuously speechless and breathless and the TV show adaptation has me in the same fix. You can’t tell me you don’t get a delicious shiver down your spine with this one.

“Ends are for yesterdays, not tomorrows.” (The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom)

Mitch is a beautiful writer. That being said, he’s just not my type of read. However, this quote just stunned me. Philosophical and meaningful. Close to fortune cookie, yet inspirational and thoughtful, not that fortune cookies aren’t. Yesterdays are soo far in the past. This quote really solidifies how forgotten they should remain and not lingered on. Not when you moving on to tomorrows.

More to come soon…



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Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. What’ s a quote from a book that’s moved you?

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