Until the Other Side (Children of Virtue and Vengeance – A Book Review)

Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orisha #2)
Author: Tomi Adeyemi
Published: 2019

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Rated W for war and wrath and the destruction it leaves behind.


Titi di odi keji.

A reminder to carry on.

Our battle isn’t over.

If anything, it’s just begun.

Zelie and Amari have successfully returned magic to the land of Orisha. The ritual was more powerful than they could imagine and magic was reignited not only in the maji but in nobles who have magic ancestry as well. And the sacrifices that came with it were heavy for everyone.

Now, moving forward with this new future, Zelie struggles to unite the maji while all of Orisha is wild and war-torn. Meanwhile, Amari is just trying to regain the royal throne, believing that she can bring Orisha together and fix what her father’s destructive reign as the king has done.

Zelie, at a breaking point, just wants to save her people and she may have just discovered a way to do that, but after sacrificing so much already, does she have the will to give up even more? With Amari determined to prove she isn’t like her father and never will be, can she break the cycle? Their friendship is on rough tides and is threatening to break under the pressure. Orisha and its people face civil war but on the horizon, something they don’t see coming will change everything.

Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #1) Review


Children of Blood and Bone left me reeling. Zelie lost so much! Not only the love she felt for Inan, but Inan himself and her father. Amid all of the tragedy and brokenhearted-ness, she’s still so incredibly strong and bold. This book emphasized that even more. It was unbelievable! The way Amari then took on the challenges of her family was actually unnerving. She was blinded by desperation for approval. Going in opposite directions, I was brokenhearted to see the two pull apart.

Scarlet Reader

I didn’t expect any kind of romantic triangle but there it was. I’m definitely Team Roen. He’s charming and mysterious and he takes responsibility and owns up to his misdoings. Totally obsessed with him. I also feel that Zelie can level with him more than she ever did Inan. Just the way the two connected even though they didn’t even intend to, it was like lightning.

The magic was splendorous and just gorgeous. I was in total awe. The imagery was powerful and vivid, nearly dreamlike. Utterly stunning as always. The gods of Orisha, learning about them, and getting an opportunity to immerse myself in the culture through this book was truly incredible.

Smoke and Iron

This in-depth look at war really batted me back and forth. It was also great insight into how difficult decisions can be. Zelie and Amari, which I am so excited to see women at the helm, leading their people. There was so much to prove for Amari and so much to protect for Zelie. All in all, I’m wondering if anything from the land of Orisha to the relationships of the characters can be salvaged.



This was true to its title. I know a few readers feel like this fell short, but I don’t. I can’t imagine what the next book will be like. I’m so hooked. Rich and vibrant with emotion and storytelling and a beautiful culture. Maybe this wasn’t as jam-packed as the first book, but there was a lot of reflection and inward healing and growth. Sometimes when making important decisions like Zelie and Amari you have to look back on the ones you’ve made before. I really enjoyed the shift, though it was sharp and at times left me breathless with the weight these characters carried with the choices they made. A splendid fantasy weaved in magic and hope and a determination to fight for freedom.



“Orisha waits for no one.” (Amari, p. 213)

“I think life is more complicated than right and wrong. I think you will never obtain peace trying to prove either one.” (Mama Agba, p. 229)

“Your mistake wasn’t falling for a monster, Zitsol. It was falling for the wrong one.” (Roen to Zelie, p. 310)


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