Scarlet Playlist – Mar. 9, 2020

Scarlet Reader

Heya, book cult!

Happy Monday! And if it isn’t then I hope this cheers you up if only a little. Here’s the playlist of the week. Sing to it, dance to it, create performance art to it. Whatever you seek. I enjoy listening to music while reading so I created this because I figure I can’t be the only one. Enjoy!

1. Still Falling For You – Ellie Goulding (Whenever it comes it gets put on repeat for at least four more listens. LOL.)

2. Leave A Trace – CHVRCHES (Recently and hopelessly addicted to her.)

3. Waste of Love – NINA

4. To the Moon and Back – Savage Garden (Throwback!)

5. I Wish You Would – Taylor swift

6. Waste – Dove Cameron (She gives me Mazzy Star vibes and I can’t get enough. Just light, airy, and gorgeously yearning.)

7. Birds – Imagine Dragons

8. Is There Somewhere – Halsey (My deep daydreaming song. One of them anyway.)

9. Heart to Break – Kim Petras (Catchy and Just yes!)

10. Death Stranding – CHVRCHES

11. King – Years and Years

12. Astronaut – Riverdale Cast 

More to come soon…



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Thoughts? Let’s chat in the comments below! Tell me what songs you love to put on repeat!

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