Strike It Out and Discover (Newspaper Blackout – A Book Review)

Newspaper Blackout
Author: Austin Kleon
Published: 2010

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Rated U for unexpected poetry in unexpected stories, leading to unexpected results.


Newspaper Article + permanent marker = Newspaper Blackout Poem

Unique in form, structure, style, and verse, Kleon brings forth original poetry found through newspaper articles, telling brief, but outstanding visions in striking verse.


One of the first things I tell readers about poetry is that it’s subjective. What one person feels about it could and will be different for another. That being said, this was certainly unlike anything I’ve ever read. Thought-provoking as well as laugh-bubbling. A straight-no-chaser to the brain.

Though some of these poems came across as silly and even confusing at times, I was pretty blown away by the ones that are provocative with real-world issues that got my brain clicking and thinking. The mention of aliens was both goofy, yet not. Sometimes people and the world around us feel alien. Kleon took a fun and unexpected way to bringing forth poetry and made it more accessible. I definitely didn’t expect to read about political views or the psyche to be explored like this.

The book was more than just poems that could be discovered in a short time with patience and that pluck of whim. Kleon’s introduction, experience, and other blackout poems by other ports that he shares show that this isn’t an art form that he claims for his own. He shares it with everyone, giving into the motto: sharing is caring, and I love it! It expands poetry, adding a new form of expression and even imagery, like looking out onto a new world or planet.



Imaginative and fun, definitely worth a read. One way or another, you’ll find yourself intrigued and will find yourself just moving right on through. You may even find yourself wanting to try it out for yourself. I certainly will be! What source I will use? Finding that will be the spunky, fun part.



While there aren’t quotes, per se, here are a couple of the poems from the blackouts.


Remember Is Reliving (p. 7)

Remember Is Like Reliving
The act of summoning a where is to recreate a when
I AM set to start The experiment.

Fireflies (p. 22)

catching fireflies saves everything
For one fleeting evening,
2 thin circus freaks with unrelenting grins.
I remember floating – the play so full of potential,
u and me out
after the lights

The Alien Lovers (p. 49)

The alien Lovers.
on Saturday night, venture to the world,
in a strange contraption
revolving slowly beneath the glow of the sky
the Spectators have a view
like a child’s drawing of the future

Extinction Is Bliss (p. 92)

Dinosaurs were lucky that nasty asteroid came along
But the dinosaurs didn’t know extinction was certain


More to come soon…                                                                                                



P.S. Song today? Dark Rider by NINA.


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