What’s Coming in 2020 – A Book List

Hey there, book addicts!

Every month I enjoy doing a book list. Not only does it give me more books to add to my TBR but it gives you some as well! Plus, I get the awesome opportunity to hear from you if you’ve read them!

It’s the beginning of a new year so I’m doing a list on books coming out this year. In particular, I’m focusing on Young Adult because that’s my jam. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy other genres because I do. It’s just that YA is my favorite. So here are the YA books being released this year that I’m really looking forward to!


The Twin

Author: Natasha Preston

The Scarlet Reader

Emmy and Iris were split up after their parents’ divorce—Emmy with her dad and Iris with their mom. Years pass and their mom is lost in a tragic accident so Iris now comes to live with Emmy and their dad. Emmy quickly finds out that her twin sister, Iris, is trying to push her out of her own life—and might be responsible for their mother’s death.


All the Stars and Teeth

Author: Adalyn Grace

The Scarlet Reader

Fans of Caraval and Throne of Glass, get hooked on the story of a girl that fights to prove her worthiness of being heir to the throne of Visidia only to be forced to flee after it goes wrong. With the help of unexpected allies, she is determined to conquer the destructive magic on the rise and take her place as heir to the throne.



Author: Jenny Elder Moke

The Scarlet Reader

A twist on Robin Hood, the daughter of the vigilante will have to seek out her father while avoiding the bounty hunter and right-hand man to the king, Wolf. She’s thrust into a life of thieves and mercenaries so different from the quiet one of the convent she’s always known. Getting the adventure of a lifetime, she’ll get to know the father she’s never known.



Author: M.K. England

The Scarlet Reader

When magic becomes a commodity after a deadly plague, Diz takes advantage in an illegal siphoning gig. When it turns up a powerful strain of magic, she and her friends make a discovery that could save the world.


The Serpent’s Curse

Author: Lisa Maxwell

The Scarlet Reader

The epic conclusion of The Last Magician, Esta and Hart race through time and across the country to steal the remaining elemental stone to stop the Order and save the future, but what will that mean for them in the end, two people that are separated by time.


The Mall

Author: Megan McCafferty

The Scarlet Reader

It’s 1991. Scrunchies, mixtapes, and 90210 are, like, totally fresh. Cassie Worthy is spending he summer before college working at the Parkway Center Mall. Though she plans to have an amazing summer and then go to college with her boyfriend, best-laid plans don’t always work out. A complete tribute to the era of when malls were at the height of their game, friendship, love and discoveries in the most unexpected places.



Author: Juno Dawson

The Scarlet Reader

Discovering an invitation to “Wonderland”, the most epic party of parties—three days of hedonistic excess to which only the elite are welcome, Alice hopes to find her missing friend, Bunny. Without her medication, which she desperately needs, Alice hopes to avoid Paisley Hart, who is determined to uncover her secrets no matter what, and find her best friend.


Sanctuary Highway

Author: Ellen Hopkins

The Scarlet Reader

The United States government, now called the Confederation has redefined what it means to be “American”. Two teens are on the run when they fall outside the parameters of the Confederation. Their survival means relying on strangers and not everyone is trustworthy. One wrong whisper is the difference between freedom and imprisonment, life and death.


The Dark In-Between

Author: Elizabeth Hrib

The Scarlet Reader

After dying and then coming back, Casey is haunted by the drowning of her best friend. Feeling like she’s going mad, especially after seeing a boy fall from the sky, she meets Red. The boy that fell. He’s an angel fallen to earth to regain his wings and he’ll help Casey to walk the path of Limbo: the place between life and death so that she won’t lose Liddy to something worse than death.


The Unleashed

Author: Danielle Vega

The Scarlet Reader

Sequel to The Haunted, Hendricks and her friends are still trying to return to normal after the Steele house, but the hauntings of Drearfield are not even close to over. Prom is coming up and Hendricks is trying to focus on that, but she can’t stop thinking about Eddie and thinking he may still be out there somewhere. Together with her friends, she tries to summon his spirit and gets more than she bargained for. Things start happening again. Lights flickering in the school library. Mysterious girls roaming the halls. Hendricks discovers they might not have summoned Eddie at all but something more dangerous than anything they’ve ever seen.


I’m so excited about these releases and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Some are a part of a couple series that I’ve unbelievably enjoyed. Others just have me smitten and excited to read. What books are you looking forward to this year?

More to come soon…



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