Going Nuclear (The X-Files: Ground Zero – A Book Review)

The X-Files: Ground Zero
Author: Kevin Anderson
Published: 1995

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated N for nuclear-charred corpses and never-ending quips of the wry variety.


Our greatest nightmares are about to unfold. (p. 158)

FBI agents, Mulder and Scully are called in after a renowned nuclear weapons researcher is found dead, charred to a radioactive cinder. This definitely falls under strange and unexplained, especially when two more victims pop up and are completely unrelated to the researcher.

The case only gets stranger as the agents delve deeper into the nuclear project that the researcher had been working on, “Black Anvil”, and discover that the past could be what’s come after these victims and Mulder and Scully will have to work fast to get to the bottom of this case before more people turn up dead or worse, the world.

Scarlet Reader

Scully visits a part of her past while Mulder believes this is the vacation of a lifetime. All in all, a typical case for the duo. With the knowledge of unexpected casualties during a past nuclear bomb test, conspiracies are tossed into the air, a ghost ship and a super-powered human being only a couple. This is a classic X-Files installment, giving me those chills and thrills only The X-Files can give.

Getting this flashback of such a phenomenal show that still remains relevant today is fantastic. Smart and enticing and curious, it was a great read. Typically, I’m not into nuclear conspiracy but this was interesting. I also can’t get enough of Mulder’s quips and puns. I can hear his dry humor just as perfectly as I can here Scully’s cynical observations. Perfectly on point.

The scenery moved around quite a bit from dry desert to the middle of a hurricane, keeping me guessing. It definitely kept the story alive, making this book come off as a true episode of the show.

The true question: Did I enjoy this? Yes…and no. Again, Nuclear conspiracy. Not my typical read. Sometimes the story felt like it was filled with too much filler. The connection points felt far and few between the moments that didn’t always keep me invested.



A great read for fans of the show, but there was a downside of not being able to keep me interested. I still love Mulder and Scully, but in truth, I’m not sure they transfer to the page and should just remain on my TV or laptop screen.


More to come soon…                                                                                                



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