It’s In the Stars, He Said, It’s in You (Stargazing at Noon – A Book Review)

Stargazing at Noon
Author: Amanda Torroni
Published: 2019

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Scarlet Reader

My Rating: Full boltFull boltFull boltFull boltFull bolt

Rated D for being positively divine and devastatingly spellbinding, reaching through my heart, body, and soul.

Things I learned from the moon:

at times you feel like a sliver of yourself.

There is beauty in this too.

An expansion of Torroni’s original book of the same name, more poems have been added, covering all kinds of material, far and wide. Filled with gorgeous metaphor, weaving incredible images in your mind ranging from philosophers delving into the planets to navigating intimacy like one maps the stars.

Absolutely breathless. Soft giggles of wonderment. Deep sighs of daydreams and longing. This is my absolute favorite book of poetry. I’m pretty sure it’s going to rest by my head for the rest of time and the pages will get worn and bent from being turned and read so much.

Scarlet Reader

I’m so very in love with the moon. There’s never a moment I don’t admire her. To come across a book of poetry that utilizes the moon with heartache, love, loss, and nostalgia has swept me away completely. I’m pretty sure I left my body. I couldn’t put this book down and by the time I did it was nearly 5:30am. So. Worth it.

It’s a work of art. I don’t say that just because words and poetry are art, but because the cover with its rippling water that reminds me of the way summer sun reflects on the ocean or glimmers on a lake as the sun begins to set. Even inside the book, there are bursts of unbelievably beautiful, curving and wild font that brought so much more to the poem. Each section was marked by a phase of the moon, from its beginning to end.

Scarlet Reader

This was a moving book for me. There wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t enamored and mystified and completely lost in its words. Recommended? Hell yes.


I don’t feel like this is a quotable book, but here are a few poems that turned me into a puddle of sighs.

Pop Rocks & Soda Pop (p. 10)

We were electric that night
the power lines collapsed

& you laughed because
our cell phones died

& I, for the life of me,
could not find a flashlight.

There were plenty of candles,
not a single match, 
only the palest moonlight

catching your skin
through open windows

as we listened to the winds howl
                  the thunder clap
                  the sky break
                  the branches snap

& we explored the storms

that have long existed,

braved the blizzards within,

traded breaths & tangled limbs,

all of this until the winds calmed
                  the thunder died
                  the sky healed
                  the branches sighed

& we collapsed like power lines

because we were electric that night.

Stargazing (p. 12)

I wasn’t admiring

the freckles on your skin;

I was stargazing.

& when I said I wanted

to make love to you,

I meant all of you.

& when you felt my fingers

tracing poetry

over parts of you that

were supposedly broken,

know that all I saw
were prisms, refracted light,

& everything I wanted

to make mine.

The Brightest Thing (p. 16)

I need you to know something—

that when you’re feeling defeated

beat up & down
on your luck

when you feel like you haven’t done

anything of enough

that the most important things in life

cannot be built with your hands.

& even on days you feel burnt out
                   dim in the darkness
                   lacking sheen

I need you to know—

you’re still the

brightest damn thing

I’ve ever seen.

Two Truths, One Lie (p. 82)

The kitchen table appears and an arm’s reach

between us. We play two truths and one lie.


   1. Some nights you stay awake counting stars. One for
      every regret. Two for every time you wished you were
      someone else.


   2. You don’t love me.

   3. A black wolf visits you while you dream.

You never dream.

More to come soon…                                                                                                


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