Scarlet Playlist – Nov. 4, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey there, bookworms!

Happy Monday! This is the Scarlet Playlist! I love music and I love reading to so I created this playlist to read to! Well, you don’t have to read to it. You can make it your driver to work playlist or use it for random dancing. Whatever you want. Personally, I find that a playlist makes for a great book soundtrack.

Here you go!

1. My Saving Grace – ATB ft. Aruna

2. Angel – Sarah McLachlan

3. Thinking of You – Katy Perry

4. My Sundown – Jimmy Eat World

5. We’ll Be A Dream – We The Kings ft. Demi Lovato

6. Foolish Games – Jewel ft. Kelly Clarkson

7. Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter

8. Who Knew – P!NK

9. Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons

10. Better Than Me – Hinder

11. Don’t Want To Be Your Girl No More – Wet

12. The War is Over – Kelly Clarkson

More to come soon…



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Got a favorite song? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!



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