Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 21, 2019

Scarlet Reader


Hey there my sweet little book readers!

Happy Monday, event hough Mondays aren’t always happy. It’s time for the Scarlet Playlist! So, here it is. Listen the crap out of it, or don’t. I’m truly not offended. I just love music and reading and putting the two together. I wanted to share some of that music, so every Monday, to get your week going, I give you playlists.

Now, you don’t have to only use them for reading. Car karaoke is totally cool too. So is shower karaoke. Get nostalgic. Get addicted to artists you might never have heard from before. I do have quite eclectic tastes. You may even find some Celtic music on here one day. Just enjoy it. I made it for you to add some sunshine to your life.

Also, this playlist is a special one this year. Okay, not really. It’s my birthday so I put my favorite songs on this one. Well, some of them. I have a LOT of favorite songs. One of my greatest lines is, “Oooo! I love this song!”. I did add a lucky thirteen to this list.

Here you go!


1. Lovesick – BANKS

2. You Found Me – Kelly Clarkson

3. Stormy – Hedley

4. Lover – Taylor Swift

5. Better Than Me – Hinder

6. Are You With Me – Sixx AM

7. Miracle – The Score

8. Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac

9. Stay – Safety Suit

10. Think Twice – Eve 6

11. Hands – Leona Lewis

12. It Is What It Is – Lifehouse

BONUS 13. Miracle – CHVRCHES

Have an awesome day!


More to come soon…



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Thoughts? A favorite song? A new favorite? Let’s chat in the comments below and if you’re feeling froggy, find me on Twitter and Goodreads! 

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