Thrice Upon a Time (Beyond Magic – A Book Review)

Beyond Magic
Author: Susan Kearney, Elaine Cunningham, Kassandra Sims
Published: 2008

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Rated M for mysterious, magical romanced smut of three women who desperately needed a break from their day job.


From three astounding authors, each divine in their own right come three novellas in one book: The Shimmering, Beyond Dreams, and Hill and Sky. From astral projecting to a whole other planet to a medium and psychic teaming up to solve a kidnapping and murder case to trying to save magic. This book is packed corner to corner with magic and of course, a splash of delicious romance.


The Shimmering:

I dip my toes into sci-fi from time to time. I’ve never dipped my toes into sci-fi + romance though, until now. It was intriguing and I found myself surprised to much! The way the story came full circle was beautiful and the detail to imagery was mesmerizing. The characters were rough and edgy and aggressive. It was refreshing. That being said, this story was to short!


Beyond Dreams:

A medium and a psychic, what can go wrong? LOL. This one gave me those tragic nostalgia vibes. While it’s mysterious and left the tingles of anticipation, I wish there’d been more.


Hill and Sky:

Sassy and magic! Two very good things! I love when a relationship is filled with back and forth banter that makes flirting fun. The prophetic tales interweaved with the story were beautiful and curious. This has to be my favorite. The chemistry is red hot and just all-around fun. The spellbinding heat was strong with this one.



A fun Halloween read? Sure! Beyond that? I’m not feeling very much. This wasn’t something that left any lingering emotions. Not even any lingering toe-curls. It happens. Give it a read then pass it along in my opinion.


More to come soon…                                                                                                



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