Scarlet Playlist – Oct. 7, 2019

Scarlet Reader

Hey, bookworms!

Happy Monday! And if it’s not a happy one then I hope this is a spark for you. This is the Scarlet Playlist. What is that? See, I love listening to music. It’s calming and gets out of my anxious head in a good way. I also love to read. Doing both is so great. Music can give a story such an awesome soundtrack and intensify the emotion of it. So, I’ve created a playlist for you. You can read to it, dance to it, do car karaoke. Whatever you want. This playlist was created for you.

Just no burgling to it. This is a crime-free playlist.


1. Shakespeare -Miranda Cosgrove

2. On My Way – The Score

3. One Little Slip – The Barenaked Ladies 

4. Out of the Woods – Taylor Swift

5. Undefeated – Daughtry

6. Vacation – Simple Plan

7. Before the Storm – The Jonas Brothers ft. Miley Cyrus

8. She’s So High (Above Me) – Tal Bachman

9. Stranded – Plumb

10. Crush – David Archuleta

11. Quicksand – Everly

12. 8th World Wonder – Kimberly Locke

More to come soon…



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Have a favorite song? Discover one you’ve never listened to before? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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