Midnight, Texas, The Trilogy – A Review

Hey there, book cult!

How’s it going? Read anything good lately? I’m currently getting my Greek demigod on. Maybe you know what I’m talking about. Maybe not. I’ll just leave my mysteriousness here.

So, back in January, I chose five series to read for my book resolution of the year. I really enjoy doing a book resolution throughout the year because I get to challenge myself and read some new books that have been on my TBR for a long while. Not going to lie though, it’s getting close to the wire and I’m not sure I’ll be completing them in time. That’s fine. They’re getting done and I’m having fun getting lost in these stories!

I just finished Midnight, Texas! I know some readers don’t think a trilogy counts when it comes to series, but it’s more than two books so it counts to me.

Scarlet Reader
Scarlet Reader

Midnight Crossroadreview

Day Shiftreview

Night Shiftreview

Odds are, you’ve already read the reviews for the books and have a pretty decent understanding of my mixed confusion, but mild enjoyment of the books. I wish there’d been more excitement or just more in general, but we’ll get to that. First, the books:

In a small town in Texas called Midnight, Manfred Bernardo comes to live in the place by the pawnshop. The town seems pretty quaint. With only one stoplight in the middle of town, it’s a surprise that it’s on the map at all. Manfred quickly discovers this town is anything but ordinary. It’s full of secrets.

He next-door neighbor is a vampire. Across the street is a witch and her unique cat that seems to know more than it lets on. He’s still not clear on the men at the salon and antique store. When strange things begin happening and is drawing the attention of the outside which is not good for the supernatural residents who love their privacy. The Midnighters will have to work together to save the town.


Some questions I have and am contemplating:

Throughout all three books, I was always wondering who these Midnighters are. There were so many secrets and I don’t feel like I figured out anything. Therefore, I didn’t really feel anything for them.

I guess my big question is, will there ever be more books to give readers a chance to get to know the characters some more? Maybe I’m just sounding greedy, but I just need more.


The Characters:

The characters were fun and pretty independent. Granted, they felt repetitive in places. However, I liked how each of them held their own power both supernaturally and normally.

Olivia and Manfred are my favorites. I really liked their bromance in the second book. It was fun and edgy. Olivia is not a woman to be fecked with and Manfred knows it. He also appreciates it, which is also really cool!


The End:

I shit you not, I was like: Wut?

I know, meme-talk. Not proper for a blogger, but that’s what I’ve got. LOL. The end of this story was rushed and felt incomplete which confused me and let me sulky. Never a good thing. It can ruin an entire series! It didn’t do that for me this time, but I’m still super shaky about how everything went down during the great threat of the apocalypse in Midnight.


The Author:

I’ve always heard sweet and good things about Charlaine Harris. I’m quite excited to get to her Sookie Stackhouse novels actually. I like her writing style. It’s unlike any other that I’ve read. Very in the moment and subtle and quaint. The supernatural in the everyday life, like their normal. She takes away the monster and freak aspect of it. I bot enjoy it and feel a little meh. Only a little meh because it takes away the excitement a tad.

All in all, this trilogy was a lot of ups and downs, but not once did I put this down. I didn’t want to. It’s not a bad trilogy at all. It’s just so different from anything I’ve ever read, and I’m BIG on the paranormal/supernatural genre. Definitely worth a read.

Scarlet Reader
The Scarlet Reader

The show is pretty good too! A fantastic cast with Arielle Kebble, …, and many more! Lots of wild fun in the small town. Sadly, it only got two seasons. From my perspective I can see why. They began the first season with the story at the end of the trilogy. It’s kind of difficult to come up with something bigger than that. LOL. Still great though and if you loved True Blood then totally watch it!

More to come soon…



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Thoughts? Maybe you’ve read Midnight, Texas? What’s you take? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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