From Beneath, It Devours…Yes, It Might Be A Hellmouth (Night Shift – A Book Review)

Night Shift (Midnight, Texas #3)
Author: Charlaine Harris
Published: 2016

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated D for an intriguing and curious build-up that only to lead to a disappointing delivery.


The first suicide arrives one early October night.

Midnight, a small town in Texas with only one stoplight, is facing strange times. Weapons in the local pawn shop, Midnight Pawn, are flying off the shelves only to be used in gruesome suicides right at the crossroad in the middle of town. Secrets and revelations come out into the open throwing Midnighters off balance. One thing is for sure, there’s a strong power rising in the small town and it’s threatening to destroy everything and everyone.


The Midnight, Texas trilogy is a part of my New Year’s resolution and this is 3 of 3.


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It upsets me to say this, but this book was such a disappointment. GAH! No! I love the show. It inspired to read the books!!! I kept imagining that this final installment would put things into perspective and give some sort of fulfilling closure. Alas, not the case. Manfred is still being his crazy, work-driven self. Fiji is more tense than usual. Bobo is awkward. Olivia is on the precipice of losing her shit. Then, of course, there’s this great evil below the town.

Scarlet Reader

Where do I start? There was so much that was promising with this final book. I always felt like the final book of a trilogy or any series was meant to be significant and final and closing, and most importantly, satisfying on some level. I thought there’d be answers that would make sense, but everything from Olivia’s secrets about her life to the reason Manfred feels like he has to work constantly to Fiji’s family history is messy. While reading, it felt like it was all shoved together super fast with no clear rhyme or reason. There were no real answers to be had, and if there were, it wasn’t clear. Everything was left hanging in the air.

It’s been hard to feel anything for these characters. It still is. I was hoping to gain ground, but with the style of writing keeping the characters at arm’s length with the reader, I just didn’t find myself caring, EXCEPT for at the end with Fiji and Bobo. And at that part, I was utterly mortified. Like, what the holy balls of hell!? If you’ve read this trilogy and have gotten to this part maybe you understand where I’m coming from.

Scarlet Reader

The big bad? It wasn’t clear until about the middle of the book that there was one and who/what the big bad was is still a mystery because the book didn’t get into it. There just wasn’t much depth or interest paid to it. It felt very meh. Usually, there’s something dire about an evil that threatens to destroy you and your home. Not the case here. Bummer.



Well…it’s over. *Shrug* Anti-climactic. Just not what I expected. Harris is a great writer. I mean that. I enjoy her style and flare and how she gave normalcy to the supernatural rather than painting them as nothing but monsters. But, here’s the but(t). I felt like nothing really happened. Nothing exciting or liberating. Maybe a little past my comfort zone at the end there, but that’s about it. As you can tell when a book gears me up, whether, at one end of the spectrum or the other, I get to writing a lengthy review. This one will go up on my shelf. While it didn’t come out as a favorite it was still enjoyable.



“It might sound snobbish if being a real Midnight person were something anyone else in the world aspired to. That’s like saying someone doesn’t really fit in with the Weirdo Club.” (Manfred to Olivia, p. 108)

“‘I know a pair of angels. I talk to angels. I live on the same street as angels. And across from a talking cat and a witch.’ And yet, he admitted to himself, this didn’t feel strange at all. It felt quite normal.” (Manfred, p. 165)


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