The Goblin From Outer Space (E. T. – A Book Review)

E. T. – The Extra-Terrestrial in his adventure on earth (E. T. #1)
Author: William Kotzwinkle
Published: 1982

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Rated S for silly and sneaky as a lost alien searches for a way home and discovers a new family.


He was alone and three million light-years from home.

Based on the screenplay for the groundbreaking film, this book brings the movie home with the personal journey and special connection of E. T., an alien botanist stranded on earth and Eliot, the boy he befriends.


Overall tagline? Don’t peek in windows. LOL. For E. T., getting too curious for his own good got him stranded on a planet he’s only visited to help find ways to protect plant-life. He’s such a character! Very funny. My favorite thing about him has to be how he crushes so hard on Eliot’s mum.

Side Note: Maybe it’ll pique your interest, who knows, but there are talking plants in this book and it was so effing adorable.

The characters are filled with the silliness they have in the movie. However, the mum irked me to no end! Mum’s are pains in the butt (with love), but Eliot’s mum was off the wall. There wasn’t a second she thought a loving thing. That’s just my opinion. It nearly comes off that she wished she never had kids. That and she has perverts on the brain LOL. Like, what?

WHAT - codigonuevo

All around a fun novel to read. Definitely one for the imagination. The storytelling makes for fast reading. I didn’t feel anything in the emotional department though. It was nifty and entertaining but not memorable.



Entertaining and cute. Not really a favorite, but I’m glad I got to read this. There was more to this than what was in the movie. Definitely going up on my classics shelf. Worth a read for sci-fi lovers and lovers of the movie and lovers of the cute, simple adventure.



“E. T. was in the whirling vortex of gravitational force. His dream of Earth-Life, and his dream of starshine, was over. His sun was the black sun now. And all because he couldn’t resist…peeking in windows…” (p. 209)


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