Sundown Rundown – August 2019 

Hey there booknerds!

At this moment, you’re probably relaxing after having dinner and enjoying a glass of wine or possibly something non-alcoholic. Whatever suits your fancy while you kick back and watch the sunset. The beautiful in-between of day into night. While you’re doing that you can kick back and catch up on what you might’ve missed this month on The Scarlet Reader.

It was a long month for August! So much has happened and so much has been read! I’m actually pretty proud of my reading. Not a slump for me! Six books! Woohoo!

Aside from having an accomplished reading month, I also got to go see Kansas in concert. They were fantastic. Such a fun time. The band was lively and it was a beautiful day. Mom also had her neck surgery. It was very successful and she’d on the mend! It was a surgery to help with pain and strange numbness and it’s taken years to get it. I’m glad she’ll finally be able to be more pain-free. After seven years or so of it, she deserves it.

Now, there are a couple of books that I wish I could’ve gotten to, but there’s always next month! Catch up on the reviews you might’ve missed this month!


Scarlet Reader

Zom-B: City

Author: Darren Chan

B makes her way across the city in hopes up getting to the meet-up point for survivors. One problem. She didn’t necessarily survive.


MC - amazon

Midnight Crossroad (Midnight Texas #1)

Author: Charlaine Harris

Welcome to the small, quiet town of Midnight where there is only one stoplight and the folks are nice and keep to themselves. That changes when a local turns up dead and supernatural skeletons comes out of the closet.


Scarlet Reader

Dreamfall (Dreamfall #1)

Author: Amy Plume

Dreams can kill. Everybody knows that. An experiment will bring them to horrifying life for seven teens that only wanted to cure their sleep disorders.


Scarlet Reader

Lothaire (Dark Immortals #12)

Author: Kresley Cole

This vampire wants her body, soul, and the demon goddess possessing her.


Scarlet Reader

Day Shift (Midnight Texas #2)

Author: Charliane Harris

The resident psychic and hardcore assassin team up together to solve the murder of a wealthy woman before the secrets of Midnight come out of the woodwork.


Scarlet Reader

Zom-B: Angels

Author: Darren Shan

B discover the Angels, a group of reviveds set out to fight evil. B must make a choice. Join them? Or run.


Favorite Book: Midnight Crossroad was light and fun. The supernatural element was so subtle and natural. Just a splendid read.

Least Favorite Book: Lothaire pushed in a direction that isn’t my favorite. I enjoy smut and the supernatural genre, but I don’t enjoy coercion. Being forceful isn’t attractive nor is getting so nasty that it’s toxic and disturbing. Just not for me. I still love Kresley Cole to pieces and can’t wait for the release of From the Grave (Arcana Chronicles #6).


More to come soon…



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