The Zombicide Squad (Zom-B: Angels – A Book Review)

Zom-B: Angels (Zom-B #4)
Author: Darren Shan
Published: 2013

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Rated G for game-changing 


After spending the last few months wandering around London…

B Smith had given up hope that she’d find salvation until she discovered graffiti that leads her to the Angels led by Dr. Oystein, a revived that’s been around for a century. He sheds light on her new life that changed everything. The arrival of old acquaintances and discovering the Angels’ purpose throw her off and make her question if this place is really for her.


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The game changes up for B as she finds herself in the company of more reviveds. A special group put together across the world after it became overrun with the dead. This Dr. Oystein is a very strange scientist that believes God put him on a mission to defeat the evil Mr. Dowling AKA Clown from Hell.

This was a loaded chapter in the zombie life of B. More science and a twisted bomb drop that left seriously disturbed. Disturbed enough that I am once again looking forward to continuing the story. The gore isn’t as much in this chapter, but the progression of B’s story is quite intriguing. She’s finding more and more in this new undead life of hers.

Reilly and Rage (Underground) return and B gets mixed feelings about it. I really liked that they came back into the story, especially because they were a part of something so horrific. Not only is B getting an opportunity to work on being forgiving, but like her, these guys get a second chance like her. The dynamic is almost like a circle. A wonky one. It’s one of my favorite things about this book.

The new setting is intriguing. Rather than B being locked up, she’s brought into a circle of togetherness and teamwork. It brought forth diversity and the chance to talk about it and bring up subjects like religion and race and color. Even in such a dark time and place, I’m intrigued that it’s still present and that it can be talked about. B is learning and making that change that she really wants.



I’m officially curious and look forward to the next book. Still not on my favorites shelf but I’m all for a good vs evil story. With B on the fence and struggling with herself in a very realistic light, I’m curious to see how it ends.



“I am a scientist and teacher. A sinner and gentleman. A killer would-be savior. And, if you will do me the great honor, I would like to be your friend.” (Dr. Oystein to B, p. 5)

“Just step outside and look around if you do not believe that. As a people, we offended our creator and turned on our like jackals.  We soiled this world. Was the plague of zombies a harsh judgment? Perhaps. But unfair? I think not.” (Dr. Oystein, p. 167)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



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