A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Day Shift – A Book Review)

Day Shift (Midnight Texas #2)

Author: Charlaine Harris

Published: 2015

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Scarlet Reader

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Rated U for going undercover to get rid of the annoying people on your lawn.


There is no such thing as bad publicity, except in Midnight, Texas.

Reporters flood Midnight after one of Manfred’s clients, a wealthy widow, dies during a séance. Accused of being a thief, his reputation is at stake. Olivia and Manfred team up to figure out how to keep his reputation intact and keep Midnight safe. In the process, unexpected secrets come to light.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Midnight Hotel just reopened. Acting as a temporary residence for the elderly waiting on openings in livings centers and a place for commuters on temporary jobs. It seems like Midnight’s population just grew.


The Midnight, Texas trilogy is a part of my New Year’s resolution and this is 2 of 3.


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Midnight Crossroad review – here


The cute and supernatural town of Midnight gets a little more exciting as the Midnight Hotel opens and a were-tiger comes to town. New drama and new characters bring new adventures. Olivia gets her assassin on in this book and has a little too much fun
(as if there was such a thing). I love her sass. She’s such a badass. I also like that she does show that things bother her. While this series still comes across a little too vague for me, I really enjoyed it. She really stood out in this book. It was her time to shine. Even more, she teamed up with Manfred and thus one of my favorite bromances came into being on the page. I loved them teaming up in the show and seeing it the books makes me geek out hard.

Scarlet Reader

Many little seeds planted in the book seem to be getting ready to bloom and I look forward to the final book to see what comes of them!

Barry of True Blood had a cameo! I had heard he did and it was one of the teeny reasons I was excited to read the books. He got his own storyline and got to give all Sookie Stackhouse fans a squee of joy. It’s just too bad he couldn’t find a home in Midnight. I’ve always believed that Barry was one of the most underrated characters. I wish he had his own book series. He’s such an interesting character.

Scarlet Reader

This community feel is one I love so much. Midnight is quaint and cute and just the norm that I think people wish they had in their own towns. I still wish it was more rewarding in its details. I’m being stickler about it and I don’t care. I also don’t care that I’m sounding greedy. There just wasn’t enough for me to feel deathly attached. If any of these characters dropped dead I wouldn’t really care and that’s a bummer. No, that’s a lie. I’d feel bad if Mr. Snuggly died, and I hate cats. He’s just sarcastic and funny.



Still a delight to read. Very humble and sweet. This is a town I’d love to live in. I still feel like while I’m getting beautiful imagery, I’m not getting enough from the characters. But, like many people in the real world, they have their secrets. It makes it relatable, hard to care about sadly. I can’t wait to read the final book. And yes, I’ll say it again, BARRY DESERVES HIS OWN BOOK(S).



“Manfred reminded himself that while his car was humble, it was paid for, that he didn’t need a house, and that adding a room to the lawyer’s house was better than being in jail.” (p. 150)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



P.S. Song today? Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty.


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