Zombies in the Big City (Zom-B: City – A Book Review)

Zom-B: City (Zom-B #3)
Author: Darren Shan
Published: 2013

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Rated D for an undead teenager that will do whatever it takes to survive, but won’t be anybody butt-monkey.


The lack of Activity, the silence, the zombies sheltering in the deserted cars—I assume the worst.

B has finally made it out of the underground facility that was gearing up to use her as a weapon. Now in the city, B has heard that the military is sweeping the city for survivors. While she weaves through the city, making her way through zombies, she meets different people as she makes her way to the next pick-up point. Trouble quickly finds her and she must make some dangerous choices.


Zom-B series so far…


Zom-B: Undergroundreview


In this next chapter of B’s zombie adventures, she is in London and she comes face to face with the mutants that are responsible for the zombie breakout. It’s wild and I’m was left wondering what B will do now. They’re still pretty creepy. The story still keeps up with the action and gore of the undead, though pretty basic which didn’t leave me shocked sadly. The danger this time are ones that were seen before shit broke loose all the way at the beginning. B describes them as mutants and they’re pretty gnarly looking. Instead of attacking her, they and Mr. Dowling (A creepy fucking clown. Like seriously, why does it always have to be clowns?) want B to join them as they terrorize people. Of course, this conflicts with her new lease on life to be a better person.

New characters came into the story and as usual, I wonder if they’ll be seen again. A group of military delinquents and a not-all-there artist, Tim, who is pretty sure he’s a prophet of the zombie apocalypse. They’re pretty wild and not all there. I actually got some The Walking Dead vibes with these other people. I do hope that B finds somebody that doesn’t come off psychotic. Her journey is a lonely one and while I still don’t like her, I do feel some pity for her, but she’s tough and literally heartless. Whatever comes next, I’m sure she can hack it.



The books move pretty fast so I get them done within a couple hours. Each act as a chapter with something new and grisly. While sometimes silly, I still find myself intrigued. This may be the 3rd book, but the story is pretty slow going with curiosities in every book that leave me with questions. I want to know what is in store for B next. Of course, I already know it’ll be worse than this.



“The dead are the best listeners in the world. The corpse takes it all in, never interrupts, doesn’t criticize me, lets me waffle on for as long as I like.” (B, 15)

“In the end, stripped bare of everything else, as everyone is eventually, all we’re left with is the truth.” (Tim, p. 91)

“Silly old B! Still keen to help the living. Will I never learn?” (B, p. 162)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



P.S. Song today? Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson.


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