Sundown Rundown – July 2019

Hey there, bookworms!

It’s the end of July. Can you believe that!? Summer went by so fast this year. Of course, I had some flash flooding and loads of rain, too, this year, so it didn’t feel like much of a summer. My flowers didn’t even bloom because the weather was so crazy. They grew quite a bit though! Just no blooms. There’s always next year. I did some bell peppers this year and they seem to be sprouting pretty good though.

While the sun sets on the end of the month, here’s everything I’ve read this month. I went a little off-road with my TBR list to compensate a little, but I got more reading done than last month. My reading may slow down a bit in the future. I’ve got a few things changing up in my life. I don’t want you to think I’m going anywhere. I’m not. There are just some things happening. I may be switching jobs and my mum is up for surgery. So don’t go leaving me, guys. I’m still here to ramble about books to you.

I imagine you’re ready for some great relaxing time. Your work shift is over. You’ve had dinner, whether it was fried chicken or chicken flavored ramen. Now, in some of the last light of the day, dusk, with its pretty and soft orange and purples and blues, and the fireflies…

In any case, you’re in your happy and chill place. Here’s what you might’ve missed this month.


Scarlet Reader

Good Omens

Author: Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

An angel and a demon get together to stop the end of the world…best joke ever, right? Except it’s not, and if they don’t find the antichrist they’re in trouble. Well, they’re in trouble anyway, but not as much trouble, right?


Scarlet Reader

A Discovery of Witches

Author: Deborah Harkness

Diana Bishop, a historian at Oxford, meets Matthew de Clermont, scientist and suddenly their worlds change completely. She’s just a witch…he’s just a vampire…can I make any more obvious? As their love grows complicated, they’ll discover their destiny is much bigger than they originally thought, and secrets long hidden come to light.


Scarlet Reader
Penguin Random House

First Men in the Moon

Author: H. G. Wells

Two men jump into a sphere and shoot to the moon. The discoveries they make are out of this world.


Scarlet Reader
Barnes & Noble


Author: Darren Shan

B is stuck in school when the zombie outbreak occurs across all of Europe. It has to be a joke, but soon enough B and a handful of classmates are forced to work together if they hope to get out with their brains intact.


Scarlet Reader

Zom-B: Underground

Author: Darren Shan

B is officially zombie-fied. After awakening in an underground facility and meeting others like her, she quickly discovers that these scientists aren’t trying to help them and she needs to figure out a game plan to get out. Fast.


Scarlet Reader

Shadow of Night

Author: Deborah Harkness

Diana and Matthew timewalk to Elizabethan London in search of a witch that may be able to help Diana with her witch training. Both get caught up in the past for different reasons and must be careful if they hope not to make ripples that extend into the future, their present.


Favorite book this month: DEFINITELY A Discovery of Witches, the beginning of an epic love and magic trilogy. So much tribulation and danger and yearning. I’m hopelessly addicted I tell you! There aren’t enough words for how much I am loving these books.

Least favorite book this month: First Men in the Moon really threw me off. I love to get some good classics under my belt. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it toooooo many times. Classics have laid out some serious foundation for books and should always be on a bookworm’s curriculum. This one just wasn’t my flavor. It was silly and just wasn’t for me. There was too much that didn’t make this realistic enough for me. I enjoy sci-fi but this was pushing itt.


More to come soon…



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