B’s Z-demption Begins (Zom-B: Underground – A Book Review)

Zom-B: Underground (Zom-B #2)
Author: Darren Shan
Published: 2013

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Rated U for unwanted undead teenagers with a whole lot of hungry angst.


Can you hold on to your humanity if you’re a monster?

In the next chapter of B’s life—or rather, undead life—she awakens in some underground facility where zombies are being filtered to see which ones are regaining their consciousness and which ones aren’t. Those who do are the lucky ones.

After getting the lowdown on what life is about to be like as one of the undead, B then meets others like her, also known as zom-heads. Not everything is as it seems and B is still determined to make amends and lead a life of doing the right thing. But, it takes time to get it right.

The series in review:

Zom-B: Review


Shan moves right into the next part for B. Her life didn’t end when she became a zombie. Well, it actually did, but she’s back, and ready to turn over a new leaf. Easier said than done though, especially when you’re undead. This new place isn’t so didn’t from her old one. The scientists studying her and using her, as well as her fellow zom-heads, only for their own benefit. She isn’t allowed to pass go, collect $200 or even roll for doubles to get her freedom. She is their latest plaything and B doesn’t like being anybody’s plaything.

The new big bad isn’t the undead, though they’re still a pain, it’s the scientists looking to weaponize the undead. Humanity in one of its lowest forms. Sucks pretty hard. It really did turn it around, making zombies seem like the hero—anti-hero, really—while humans are the big bad. That’s one hell of a switch-up.

This installment, like the last, is short but jam-packed. The scene illustrations really add to the imagery and really gave me that graphic novel feel. It was fun! The writing remains gritty and bloody, if not a little bit more than before. From time to time, the story felt like it dragged a little, but not enough that it took away from the story-telling. Every book gets its moment that has a lull.

I have to say, the best thing about this book is getting the unique POV of a zombie. It’s unique, gory, and enticing rather than some brainless adventure. This is definitely one of the major things that keeps me drawn to this series. It completely turns this story on its head. Everything changed for B because she’s dead. Nothing will ever be the same, but even in this undead life she seeks redemption and that’s a long road.



I’m still reading these books. While they come out as more of a light read over something dense and detail-driven, they’re still interesting because of the main character, who I still hate. LOL. So, I look forward to the next chapter to see what’s next for B after her time underground. Maybe she’ll run into some old friends…or enemies.



“So I’ve turned into a big bad wolf/ All the better to see, hear and smell you with, my day.” (B, p. 37)

“There are a lot of black-hearted, mean-spirited bastards in the world. It’s important that we hold them to account. Butt always remember that you might be the most black-hearted and mean-spirited of the lot, so hold yourself the most accountable of all.” (Mr. Burke to B, p. 44)

“Real loneliness is when your dad beats up your mum and you’re lying in your bedroom, listening to her weep in the room next door, and it feels like the whole world’s against you.” (p.71)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



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