Zombies on a School Day (Zom-B – A Book Review)

Zom-B (Zom-B #1)
Author: Darren Shan
Published: 2013

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Rated R for a revolting, racist kid who decided to find redemption in the zombie apocalypse.


The news outbreaks of zombie attacks across the world have to be a joke, right? That’s what B thinks. Then suddenly school turns into a zone of blood, guts and the walking dead. B is forced to allegiances with the nearest person, not undead. There are no friends or enemies. Just whoever and whatever it takes to stay alive. But, one regrettable move will make B rethink life completely.


I got a handful of these books because I was curious. Also, they were relatively inexpensive. Who doesn’t love a good zombie book?

Right out of the gate I was surprised. I don’t like the main character. In fact, B is outright horrible and knows it too! However, she comes out of a household of domestic abuse and in some cases, it trickles down to the children. It’s sad but true. I do like that it was given such a personal POV. I do admire that B soon realizes she doesn’t want to be the racist bully at all. Soon enough, it becomes about redemption and that is a long road.

While the book is pretty short, it has a lot in it. It moves fast so it was a quick read, but I didn’t feel like I missed a thing that Shan didn’t want me to. I do like that there was so much gore and action too! It was brutal and the bomb drops were major! I also like how succinct the book is. When it ends, you know it’s not the end of the book, just the end of a chapter and what’s coming will be bigger.



Not a series I’m addicted to or anything I’m going to gush over like you’ve seen me do, but it is intriguing. There’s a lot that’s coming and I look forward to the next ones. I’m a sucker for a good redemption story, and of course, zombies!



“At the end of the day you have to work out for yourself what’s right or wrong.” (p. 46)


More to come soon…                                                                                                



P.S. Song today? Ride Wit Me by Nelly ft. Ludacris.


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