Sundown Rundown – June 2019

Hello, book clan!

This month has been one busy and stressful ball. Also, the books have been much larger than I thought my reading stomach could handle. So I’m at a pathetic four, for the month of June, that have been read. The All Souls Trilogy is in process and I can’t wait to share the reviews!

Buuuut…we’re not there yet. Currently finishing out the month, so here’s what I read and if you’ve missed any reviews you can catch up right now!

The sun is setting and the hot summer temperatures are coming down to a simmer. Grab a nice cool drink, linger on those creamy streaks of fading color as the rest of the day turns to night, and take a peek! It’s a short one, but soon it’ll be July pretty quick and I hope to double up what I’ve read for this month!


Scarlet Reader


Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

The final book of the Wicked trilogy, Ivy must figure herself out as well as her relationship with PYT Ren if she hopes to stop the apocalypse because that’s pretty hard to do if you’re head isn’t straight.


Scarlet  Reader - little monsters

Little Monsters

Author: Kara Thomas

A twisty and creepy urban legend, rumors that are actual truths, and a missing girl rock a small, snowy town.


Scarlet Reader
Simon & Schuster

The Last Magician

Author: Lisa Maxwell

A thief travels back in time to steal a powerful book to hopefully save the future of magic. But, a crafty magician and gangs that rule the streets of Manhattan threaten to derail her mission. She must crush back her emotions if she hopes to succeed.


The Devil's Thief - Goodreads

The Devil’s Thief

Author: Lisa Maxwell

The thief and the magician work together to recover magical artifacts in order to help save Mageus. As they travel, the city of Manhattan spirals out of control with riots and fires breaking out. As new allies are found so are new enemies and the old ones are coming back with a vengeance.


Favorite Book: The Last Magician was phenom!! Enamoring, exciting, and really playing with my emotions, this book was so much better than I imagined it would be. Beautiful imagery and powerful characters. Love this book and highly recommend it. Magic, adventure, and betrayal of the heartbreaking kind.


Least Favorite Book: Little Monsters was just not my type of read. I truly thought it would be a mix of Urban Legend (if you remember those movies) and Mean Girls. The Mean Girls part is spot on and was incredibly unnerving, but this turned out to be a mystery and those just aren’t my jam. I’ve tried. Just not for me.


More to come soon…


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