No Tears Left to Cry (Little Monsters – A Book Review)

Little Monsters
Author: Kara Thomas
Published: 2017

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Scarlet  Reader - little monsters

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Rated C for teenagers who disappear leaving only a creepy handprint behind as a calling card.


What kind of girl doesn’t cry when her friend goes missing?

Kacey Thomas is the new girl of Broken Falls. After moving in with her dad and his wife and step-siblings, she’s been trying to find her footing. It hasn’t been easy though this new life she’s stepped into is much better than that it was with her mom.

She’s also been accepted into the circle of new friends’: Bailey and Jade. They do everything together, even things that Kacey doesn’t even want to do. When Bailey and Jade go to the biggest party of the year without her, though they said they’d go together, Kacey is hurt. Kacey isn’t able to ask about though since Bailey goes mysteriously missing that night.

The whole town goes on the hunt for the missing girl. Kacey takes on her own mission to find her friend, but the shocking discoveries she makes along the way make her regret it. She learns quickly that even in a small town like Broken Falls, rumors spread like wild and sometimes appearances can be deceiving.


This book wasn’t my jam. It was surprising in places but it didn’t capture my attention in any special way sadly. Kacey comes from a broken home, though it wasn’t only her mom that made her life hard, it was her as well. With her father and new family, it’s not always easy either because he’s working all the time and doesn’t make time for her. This book is definitely in the mystery genre. While I’m lucky and didn’t fall asleep, I just didn’t get into this. It took all my effort not to flip to the end and figure out

Scarlet Reader

The characters were crazily layered in this small snowy town. There was always finding out something new and questioning who did what. Discovering who was responsible for everything was actually surprising and unexpected! And I really loved how an urban legend was tied in with all of this. I will say this, it sucks to find out that your friends were never really your friends. That’s happened to me in real life and reading about a situation like it in a book makes me hurt. It just creates a rotting feeling.

This is definitely one of those stories where you pay attention to the little details. There is so much in them and each one is important, leading up to the big reveal. The reveal of what, you ask? Snag a copy of this and find out! I can’t spoil it for you. LOL. Definitely a Girl on A Train, teen version vibe.



This book isn’t a keeper for me. It didn’t stir up more than my curiosity. I wish there’d been so much more, but I don’t know. I did little more than shrug about this. Wasn’t kidding when I said mysteries weren’t my thing, but I wanted to give this a try. I legit thought there’d be some horror, supernatural theme to it. Not the case and that’s okay. I’m actually going to give this my mom and then a friend. They love creepy mysteries.



“Thing is, I love my mom. But I’m starting to think it’s possible to love someone and hate them at the same time.” (Kacey, p. 23)

“Have you ever wanted something so badly you thought it might just kill you?” (Bailey, p. 167)

“There’s no such thing as best friends. Everyone is only out to protect themselves.” (Kacey to Ellie, p. 305)


More to come soon…



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