Sundown Rundown – May 2019

It’s the end of May already!? Wow. You know what that means, right? IT’S SUMMER!!!!! Time to let that sunshine caress those cheeks. (And maybe I’m still a little early on this, but I don’t care!)

Scarlet Reader

The sun is now going down closer to 9PM and the air smells amazing. The breeze is a-blowing all soft like. I love sunsets like this. It feels like time slows down for a little while and I can actually breathe. That feeling is so beautiful.

So, while the sun is doing that gorgeous thing and lighting the sky on fire, relax. It’s the end of the day, and you’re just done with everything.

This is the sundown Rundown where I catch you up on everything I’ve reviewed this month. It’s the perfect time to catch up on any you might have missed.

Here we go:


Scarlet Reader
Half Bad
Author: Sally Green

The journey to salvage a life for yourself and defeat your evil warlock father is a long and tenuous one. In this case, rules are meant to be destroyed.


Scarlet Reader
Author: Anna Todd

The epitome of the good girl meets bad boy with some BAD intentions. Is it love or worse?


Scarlet Reader
The Outsiders
Author: S. E. Hinton

When society dictates who you and who you should be it makes you want to fight against or maybe even run away from it.


The Scarlet Reader
The Waste Lands
Author: Stephen King

The journey to the Dark Tower continues. Jake is saved and reunited with Roland and Roland regains his sanity, but there are obstacles that threaten their chances of reaching their destination.


Scarlet Reader
Daughter of Egypt
Author: Constance O’Banyon

Being the lost princess of an empire would usually be exciting. Not for this princess. After she’s kidnapped and told she’s a lost princess, she’ll do whatever she can to escape.


Scarlet Reader
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Fae, beignets, and the occasional life or death situation when trying to protect New Orleans from Armageddon. Then there’s the green-eyed sweet-talker that shakes things up.


Scarlet Reader
Quirk Books
William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Mean Girls
Author: Ian Doescher

Mean Girls comes to you in words of Avon Bard and it’s even better than you think and even more hilarious.


Scarlet Reader
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

The fae are still looking to take over the world, but now they may have what they need: a halfling. Stunning and shocking book 2 of the Wicked trilogy.


Favorite book this month: Such difficult choices! Gah! If I have to choose, Wicked is my favorite this month. It has everything I love. The paranormal, romance, steamy and jaw-dropping lines, and of course the possible end of the world. Oh! And it takes place in New Orleans!


Least favorite book this month: This one is also tricky. Going to go with Half Bad. While After infuriated me so much, Half Bad didn’t evoke anything out of me. It’s never any good when a book does nothing for you. No excitement or yearning for more. It just came out bland for me which is a real stinker.


More to come soon…



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