Tis Fetch! (Much Ado About Mean Girls – A Book Review)

William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Mean Girls
Author: Ian Doescher
Published: 2019

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Rated F for how totally fetch it is to see Shakespeare take on teenage cliques and their desperation to feel


On Wednesdays we array ourselves in pink!

Can you imagine it? The iconic and often quoted movie written by Tina Fey brought to you in the stylings of Bard of Avon AKA Shakespeare. There can’t be a better mash-up than this!

Return to North Shore High School and experience the complicated navigation of the high school hierarchy and teenage girlhood. Cady Heron goes from homeschool to public school and from outcast to popular plastic and all the way down the tree to social pariah. A plastic world is turned Elizabethan making the hit movie even more hilarious with its free-flowing rhymes that would make even Kevin G jealous. How fetch!


I received this book in a giveaway from Goodreads. I didn’t even know I won until it landed on my doorstep! Nonetheless, I was very excited to read it.

Scarlet Reader

I am not ashamed to say that I totally love Mean Girls. See, I’m a huge lover of horror movies, Sci-Fi, and Paranormal/Fantasy. The chick-flick and teen-dream romance are a rare occasion, but I have my guilty pleasures.

What else do I love? SHAKESPEARE!! And Doescher was the genius to put these two things together! I can’t express how hard I’ve geeked out about this. This book follows the movie perfectly and gives it so much more comedy. For those that love Shakespeare as much as I do, you can basically add this to his list of comedies. It reminded me much of the hilarity that Much Ado About Nothing has, which I guess is the point LOL. The parallels to the play are unbelievable, yet so are the differences.

I laughed so hard I cried, especially during Kevin G’s rap at the Christmas talent show and Gretchen’s rage-filled speech about Caesar? Oh, maaan. I really do hope the cast reads this book.

Scarlet Reader

The classic style of play-script was fantastic. It made this a quick read, but I didn’t care. I was blown away with how Doescher kept to the style of Shakespeare’s. And the illustrations! So epic and wonderful! Not only did they help shape scenes, but they added to the comedy of the stories, keeping the Elizabethan times.



I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this book. It’s gold and I would definitely go to see this if it was ever put on Broadway and I hope one day it is. And while this is on the technical side of a remake, it’s also super original. All in all? Fetch happened, guys. It actually happened.



“An thou dost ever speak to me again,

A painful kick unto thine ass I’ll grant.” (Kristen to Cady, p. 19)


“One time, my very visage—even mine!—

Did have the privilege to feel her punch.

‘Twas wonderful beyond my wildest dreams.” (Stud. 7, p. 29)


“Thou churlish, common-kissing pox-mark’d strumper!” (Jason, p. 32)


“Nay, Gretchen, “fetch” shall never catch,

Stop hosting an event no one attends.

It shall not hap—the zeitgeist thou art not.

The fad is bad; I’m mad and thou art sad.” (Regina to Gretchen, p. 84)


“Thou smellest like a baby prostitute,

Preparing for a night of many trysts.” (Janis to Cady, p.93)


More to come soon…



P.S. Song today? Built This Way by Samantha Ronson.


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