The Traveling Book Tag

Scarlet Reader

Heya, bookworms!

The book tag I want to do this month is a traveling one. Books take you to the best places! Also, summer is upon us. I know I’m just starting to get that nice weather. Summer means going places and getting that fun under the sun!

I also wanted to keep it short and sweet this month.

So, without further ado!


A book that takes place somewhere you’ve traveled to.

Love and Gelato

Author: Jenna Evans Welch

Love and Gelato
Pages Unbound

 This book took place in Italy. While I could’ve picked another place, Italy was by far my favorite place. From the food to the architecture to the language. It was amazing and left me breathless. My favorite spot was the Boboli Gardens. They’re so incredibly lush and it’s a place I can get lost in easily.


A book taking place you want to travel to.

Wicked (The whole trilogy actually.)

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Scarlet Reader
Scarlet Reader

 This trilogy takes place in New Orleans and it’s incredibly detailed of the city, making me yearn deeply to visit one day or possibly live there. L.A. is at the top of my list too, but this city has that magic feeling for me.


A book taking place in a fictional place you wish you could travel to.

There are so many places I’d go and that makes this one really hard, but off the top of my head, I would choose…


Author: Stephanie Garber



It would be wild and wicked and scary to get wrapped up in such a game. I’d probably lose, but I’d still want to experience this. The magic and risk is scary and would make my anxiety skyrocket, but I’m always up for an excuse to push myself a little. And this would definitely push me. While Caraval is more of an event than it is a place, I still want to go.


A fictional character you would pick to be your travel buddy.

Mad Sweeney of American Gods by the author, Neil Gaiman.

Scarlet Reader

He’s wild and crude and can have a good brawl. While I’m pretty sure he’d piss me off A LOT, I’d still find my adventure to be entertaining, which is good since I get bored easily. I also find his story to be chaotic and intriguing.


Every journey needs a playlist. Five bands on your playlist.
Scarlet Reader
Her Campus



The Goo Goo Dolls

Kelly Clarkson

The Score


I’m not tagging anybody this time, but I am encouraging you to have a little fun and do this tag! It’s short, sweet, and fun! Where have you been? Where would you go?


More to come soon…



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