The Lost & Found Princess (Daughter of Egypt – A Book Review)

Daughter of Egypt
Author: Constance O’Banyon
Published: 2008

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Rated R for rebellion against love because no one should choose who you love but you.


From the winding alleys of Rome to the shimmering dune of the Egyptian desert.

As a child, Thalia lived on the streets, always on the run, trying to survive. Then she’s swept away to Egypt, adopted by a royal family and it became all she ever knew. Breaching her eighteenth birthday, her mother is trying to help her find a suitor, but none of them move Thalia’s heart.

Ona night of a suitor’s ball, Thalia is kidnapped by a man deemed the Destroyer. A heartless killer and commander of men. She’s told that she’s the lost princess of a country that desperately needs her rule. He then vows to protect and love her, but she’s too stunned to understand and wishes nothing more than to go home to Egypt. As she comes to know who she is meant to be, her heart changes for her people and for the man who’s been sworn to her.


I’ve told you just how much I love ancient Egypt, right? It’s one of my favorite eras to study in history from the religion system to how they farm to their royalty to the architecture. I love it all!! Even the mummification process. That being said, the imagery and attention to details on that front were simple and warm. Lots of love.

I’m not one for typical lush romances. Really not, but I was pulled to this one. Thalia is a rebel and a young woman that follows only her heart and instincts. My kind of girl. She doesn’t bow down to anyone, but she does open her heart and that’s special. She didn’t cave like some damsel. Ashtyn is definitely her perfect match. The moment they connected it was blazing hot. He wasn’t just some piece of muscle. He was earnest, yet determined. He proved he was the one for Thalia. That development during their journey was so great. Loads of drama. I loved it.

Breakfast at Tifaany's

I loved the cameo by Cleopatra and Antony so much. It was like getting to see one of my favorite celebrities. So wicked. All of the glam and air of the ruler was epic! It also etched this book into a very real part of history.



There was a lack of intensity for me when it came to character interactions. I loved the chemistry, but my breath didn’t hitch or halt. Lip-biting was a no. It was nice but didn’t get me there. Great action and a beautiful romance, but only a one-time read for me.



“Danger was stalking her, waiting for her to become careless.” (p. 34)


More to come soon…



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